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Monday, 20 April 2015

The United Nations Admits Chemtrails Are Real

The truth is the government is spraying deadly chemtrails in hopes of population reduction. Furthermore they have been known to use chemtrails as biological testing agents on the populace; all while claiming they are nothing more than mere vapour. We’ll now we have 100% undeniable evidence that chemtrails exist.

The following video is of Rosalind Peterson, President of Agriculture Defence Coalition, who addresses the UN on chemtrails, geoengineering, and weather modification.

The acknowledgement by the UN that our skies are being polluted with aluminium, barium, lead, arsenic, chromium, cadmium, selenium, and silver should give weight to the claims that Chemtrails cause a whole host of health problems in the general population, including:

Neurological effects, heart damage, eyesight issues, reproduction failures, immune system damage, gastrointestinal disorders, damaged kidney, damaged liver, hormonal problems, and more.
The truth is the government is spraying deadly chemtrails in hopes of population reduction. Furthermore they have been known to use chemtrails as biological testing agents on the populace; all while claiming they are nothing more than mere vapor.
We’ll now we have 100% undeniable evidence that chemtrails exist.
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The truth is the government is spraying deadly chemtrails in hopes of population reduction. Furthermore they have been known to use chemtrails as biological testing agents on the populace; all while claiming they are nothing more than mere vapor.
We’ll now we have 100% undeniable evidence that chemtrails exist.
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Epidemic depression as a wake up call to humanity

S.O.T.T: Depression has been described as a modern epidemic. An army of highly trained theoreticians have postulated all sorts of approaches and created a vast enterprise pushing pills to cure this disease of our modern, so-called 'civilized', society. Some depression has a clear cause and effect relationship, an abusive family, job loss etc. This type of depression forces us to look at issues in our own lives that should be relatively straight forward if we can step out of ourselves for a moment and consider rational solutions to the stressors. It should, therefore, not be long lived, and should pass as soon as the immediate problem is solved. This is not the type of depression that we're concerned with here, more>>>...

Accepting Compliments

Daily OM: Many of us find it difficult to accept compliments but easy to believe the slightest criticism. Today, right now, let’s make a choice to fully accept compliments as we would a gift. Sincere compliments are gifts of praise. They are kudos given for wise choices or accomplishments or perhaps for just letting your light shine. There is no reason not to accept the gift of a kind word, but some of us argue against them, even giving reasons why they aren’t true. If we visualise the energy of a compliment, we would see beautiful, shining, positive energy being sent from the giver. That energy, if accepted graciously, would brighten our personal energy field. Our gratitude then returns to the giver as warm, fuzzy, glowing energy, completing an even circuit of good more>>>...

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Pineapple Enzyme More Effective than Chemotherapy Agent, Kills Cancer Without Killing You: Study

Global Research: Could an extract of pineapple fruit be both safer and more effective than a blockbuster chemotherapy agent?

Every once in a while a study pops up on the National Library of Medicine’s bibliographic citation database known as MEDLINE that not only confirms the therapeutic relevance of natural substances in cancer treatment, but blows the conventional approach out of the water. Published in 2007 in the journal Planta Medica, researchers found that an enzyme extracted from pineapple stems known as bromelain was superior to the chemo-agent 5-fluorauracil in treating cancer in the animal model. The researchers stated: “This antitumoral effect [bromelain] was superior to that of 5-FU [5-fluorouracil], whose survival index was approximately 263 %, relative to the untreated control.”

What is so remarkable about this research is that 5-FU has been used as a cancer treatment for nearly 40 years, and has been relatively unsuccessful due to its less than perfect selectivity at killing cancer, often killing and/or irreversibly damaging healthy cells and tissue, as well.  As a highly toxic, fluoride-bound form of the nucleic acid uracil, a normal component of RNA, the drug is supposed to work by tricking more rapidly dividing cells — which include both cancer and healthy intestinal, hair follicle, and immune cells — into taking it up, thereby inhibiting (read: poisoning) RNA replication enzymes and RNA more>>>...

MH370 search may be in the wrong place again

S.O.T.T: Australia admits it may look at a new patch of ocean. What's more worrying than the undiscovered yet is that not one piece of floating wreckage has been spotted where it should've washed up.

Something significant was missing when senior ministers from Malaysia, Australia and China announced a new effort to find the wreckage of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 on Thursday. There was no mention of what is fast becoming the most perplexing feature of this multi-layered mystery: why has no floating wreckage turned up? Make no mistake, the more time that passes without a single piece of floating wreckage being found the stranger it gets.

There is no previous case in the history of modern intercontinental jets where a crash into an ocean has not produced floating wreckage - and within days of the disaster. No matter how violent the impact of an airplane hitting the water there will always be some scattered debris that never more>>>...

Quote for the Day

Rethinking Complaining

Daily OM: We all know someone who has elevated the process of complaining to a high art. Sometimes funny, sometimes exhausting, these people have the ability to find a problem just about anywhere. In its more evolved form, complaining is simply the ability to see what’s not working, in one’s own life or in the external world, and it can be quite useful if followed to its natural conclusion—finding a solution and applying it. However, many of us don’t get that far, and we find that complaining has become an end in itself. In small doses, this is not a big problem, but if complaining has become a huge part of our identities, it may be time to take a good look at how we are spending our energy.

Complaining is a person’s way of acknowledging that they are not happy with the way things are. In a metaphorical way, when we complain or criticize, we are tearing down an undesirable structure in order to make room for something more>>>...

Friday, 17 April 2015

A Word on "Mistletoe"

Mistletoe is a aerial parasitic plant that grows high in the boughs of trees. The Mistletoe does not have roots and is dependent on its host for survival. Although it is mainly associated with Oak trees in Celtic mythology, the European variety grows on deciduous trees. The Latin name for American mistletoe, Phoradendron serotinum, means "Phora" - Greek for thief, and "dendron" - for tree, in reference to the fact that mistletoe sends its roots into the host tree, robbing it of nutrients. Mistletoe is propagated primarily by birds who deposit the berries during flight. These berries quickly root in their new home and in some places, trees are green in winter from the Mistletoe they host.

In the Celtic language, Mistletoe means "All Heal". The ancient Celts believed Mistletoe possessed miraculous healing powers and held the soul of the host tree. According to Francis X. Weiser, in his Handbook of Christian Feasts and Customs:

The Mistletoe was a sacred plant in the pagan religion of the Druids in Britain. It was believed to have all sorts of miraculous qualities: the power of healing diseases, making poisons harmless, giving fertility to humans and animals, protecting from witchcraft, banning evil spirits, bringing good luck and great blessings. In fact, it was considered so sacred that even enemies who happened to meet beneath a Mistletoe in the forest would lay down their arms, exchange a friendly greeting, and keep a truce until the following day. From this old custom grew the practice of suspending Mistletoe over a doorway or in a room as a token of good will and peace to all more>>>>...

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Sickening: Major food corporations use tissue from aborted babies to manufacture flavor additives in processed foods

Natural News: Every time you purchase mass-produced processed "food" from the likes of Kraft, PepsiCo, or Nestle, you're choosing, whether you realize it or not, to feed your family not only genetically engineered poisons and chemical additives, but also various flavoring agents manufactured using the tissue of aborted human babies. It's true: A company based out of California, known as Senomyx, is in the business of using aborted embryonic cells to test fake flavoring chemicals, both savory and sweet, which are then added to things like soft drinks, candy and cookies. And Senomyx has admittedly partnered with a number of major food manufacturers to lace its cannibalistic additives into all sorts of factory foods scarfed down by millions of American consumers every single day.

Known as "HEK-293," the aborted human foetal cell line used by Senomyx is manipulated to evaluate how the human palate will react to synthetic flavours used in the production of processed more>>>...

In the Presence of Difficulty

Daily Om: Compassion is the ability to see the deep connectedness between ourselves and others. Moreover, true compassion recognizes that all the boundaries we perceive between ourselves and others are an illusion. When we first begin to practice compassion, this very deep level of understanding may elude us, but we can have faith that if we start where we are, we will eventually feel our way toward it. We move closer to it every time we see past our own self-concern to accommodate concern for others. And, as with any skill, our compassion grows most in the presence of difficulty.

We practice small acts of compassion every day, when our loved ones are short-tempered or another driver cuts us off in traffic. We extend our forgiveness by trying to understand their point of view; we know how it is to feel stressed out or irritable. The practice of compassion becomes more difficult when we find ourselves unable to understand the actions of the person who offends more>>>...

UFO Orbs Filmed From Plane

Source: Passenger films UFO orbs from airplane by AudioColorWorld on Rumble


Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Scars Of The Dire Schism

There is an impressive vibrational head wind at this moment in illusory time. On the manifest plane it is an period of extraordinary hold up. Heads against the wall, those of the lighter intent are finding it so much harder to climb the elusive mountain. There is delay. Great delay. 

On the horizon the storm clouds can clearly be seen forming. Illusory time is being tampered with, that is for sure. The essences of deception blow on the wind. 

For those skilled in stepping out of the illusory time and gazing behind the back door, there is clear evidence of space-time continuum tampering. The scars of a dire schism are draped all over the tapestries of the manifest plane. However those who 'awaken' within this treasured jewel are none the wiser. They fail to see the damage done to the picture before their eyes.

For those who can see where others cannot see, their gaze is often interrupted by movements and shadows captured by their eyes, but not understood by their mind. But their heart knows the truth. For there is where their spiritual essence exists, and it cannot be fooled. It knows the space-time continuum hijack continues, as the soulless ones endeavour to rewrite illusory time to gain advantage.

From the future to the past they venture. Silent sparks experiencing the manifest plane, working against the savagery of the Belialian beast. For the hijack of the human psyche is in full tilt. But never will the inter-dimensional terrorists prevail. They tilt and turn the Law Of Reflections to control the manifest plane ... deceiving the mortals into playing on the karmic wheel. But they cannot succeed. 

Thus the storm clouds gather in the abstract plane. But they can never be created on the manifest plane. For that is not what the blueprint plane decrees, no matter how many changes to the past the terrorists make. The desire of the oversoul is stronger than anything the shadow can create. The intentions of the selfish separate human ego to overthrow the singular oneness ... will never prevail.  


Frequency & the Law of Vibration

In the year 1905, Albert Einstein proved that we can break matter down into smaller components and that, when we do, we move beyond the material realm and into a realm in which everything is energy.

This is the Law of Vibration, a law of nature that states that ‘nothing rests; everything moves; every-thing vibrates.’ The lower the vibration, the slower the vibration; the higher the vibration the faster the vibration.

The difference between the manifestations of the physical, mental, emo-tional and spiritual result simply from different levels of vibrating energy, or frequencies. So, while the feelings of fear, grief and despair vibrate at a very low frequency, the feelings of love, joy and gratitude vibrate much quicker.

At the very leading edge of biophysics today, scientists are recognizing that the molecules in our bodies are actually controlled by these frequencies. In 1974, Dr. Colin W.F. McClare, Ph.D, an Oxford University Bio-Physicist, discovered that frequencies of vibrating energy are roughly one-hundred times more efficient in relaying information within a biological system than physical signals, such as hormones, neurotransmitters and other growth more>>>...

AIDS: A Doctor’s Note on the Man-Made Theory

New Dawn Magazine: When AIDS officially began in 1981 the public was told that anal sex, drugs, and homosexuality were at the root of the new “gay plague.” The first cases were all young, predominantly white, and previously healthy homosexual men from Manhattan who were dying mysteriously from “gay pneumonia” and “gay cancer” in the form of Kaposi’s sarcoma. The association with homosexuality was so remarkable that the disease was initially termed GRID (“gay-related immune deficiency”).

To this day, gays are still blamed for the spread of AIDS into the U.S. population. When the disease first broke out, a new virus was suspected, but officials reassured “the general public” there was nothing to worry about. Of course, the health experts were wrong. Now most of the world’s AIDS cases are heterosexuals. The AIDS virus (HIV) can also be transmitted vaginally; and one does not need to be a drug abuser, a promiscuous person or a homosexual to contract AIDS.

Where did HIV originate? Prominent cancer virologists and government epidemiologists have theorised that HIV originated in African green monkeys. Purportedly the monkey virus “jumped species” and entered the black population. From there it migrated to Haiti and Manhattan. After the virus entered the black heterosexual population in the late 1970s, it rapidly spread to millions of blacks because of transfusions with HIV-infected blood, dirty needles, promiscuity and genital ulcers — or so the experts said.

Not all scientists believe the official monkey story, although it is rare to find people who express this view publicly. One persistent underground rumour is that AIDS is biological warfare. Proponents of the AIDS conspiracy theory believe that AIDS has nothing to do with green monkeys, homosexuality, drug addiction, genital ulcerations, anal sex or promiscuity, but that it has to do with scientists experimenting on blacks and gays: in short, AIDS is more>>>...

Several witnesses video UFOs over Phoenix on Easter

Orange balls of light were seen by several people over Phoenix, Arizona on Easter Sunday. A couple of those witnesses caught the objects on video.

Earth Chakras

Daily OM: As we walk upon the earth, we walk upon a living being more similar to ourselves than we imagine. Just like us, the earth has both a physical body and an energetic body, complete with a chakra system identified by ancient mystics and modern scientists alike. Gaia, as the earth is called when acknowledged as a living entity in her own right, has her own life force and her own path of unfolding, separate from us, but including us.

Human beings and Gaia are intertwined on every level, not just the physical, and an awareness of her chakras can help us to acknowledge, heal, and enable her on her path, just as she selflessly returns the favour to us.

It is generally agreed that Gaia has seven major chakras distributed evenly across her body and connected to one another via two lines of energy that intersect at various points on the earth. The first chakra is located at Mount Shasta in Northern California; the second is in Lake Titicaca in South America; the third chakra is in Uluru-Kata Tjuta in Australia; the fourth chakra resides in Glastonbury in England; the fifth chakra is at the Great Pyramid in Mount of Olives; the sixth chakra is in Kuh-e Malek Siah in Iran, and the seventh chakra is in Mount Kailas in more>>>...

Inside Fukushima's ground zero: First robot sent inside melted reactor at tsunami-hit plant dies after just three hours

Daily Mail: The first robot to be sent into the radioactive reactor of Fukushima nuclear power plant has stalled just three hours into its mission. These incredible pictures offer the first glimpse into the melted reactors at the Japanese plant after the 2011 nuclear disaster. More than 300,000 people had to be evacuated after three of Fukushima's six reactors blew up following the huge tsunami which devastated the country over three years ago. Nearly 16,000 people lost their lives in the natural disaster and subsequent devastation. The photographs were captured as part of the robot's mission to inspect melted fuel in one of the reactors. Developed by Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy and the International Research Institute for Nuclear Decommissioning, it was supposed to be able to function for about 10 hours at levels of radiation which would be fatal to humans and cause ordinary electronic devices to malfunction. But decommissioning work at the plant suffered a setback after the adaptable 'transformer' robot stalled before it could complete its operation and had to be abandoned. A second robot mission scheduled for Monday was postponed as engineers investigated the cause of the more>>>...

Monday, 13 April 2015

32 health benefits of apple cider vinegar

S.O.T.T: Apple cider vinegar is more than just a dipping sauce or a salad dressing. It is a versatile product that has been proven to have healing benefits, it started with Hippocrates and it is still being used now to treat various ailments. Based on historical records, vinegar was discovered around 5,000 BC by the Babylonians by accident. The French calls it vin aigre which means sour wine. This accidental discovery turned out to be great because it was an extremely versatile product even during the ancient times. Even back then Hippocrates discovered that it had a lot of healing properties and used it when treating wounds. Chinese also used vinegar as to treat ailments as early as 1,200 B.C. One of the most popular types of vinegar, the apple cider (or ACV) is touted by a lot of natural health advocates as having a lot of health benefits some of which include weight loss, diabetes control and improving cardiovascular health.

If you look around the web, you'll see that there are a lot of benefits, some are backed by scientific research while some aren't. My goal here is to enumerate all of these benefits I find here and link to the sources. Let's dig in to those benefits one by more>>>...

Name And Shame: ANPRA (Australian National Psychics Reading Association) Is A Scam

This website is a SCAM. It is linked to another unscrupulous site which is known to use the intellectual property of other web sites to draw web traffic to its site ...

9/11 Truth - The World Is Ready

Who is Afraid of Conspiracy Theories?

The term conspiracy theory did not exist as a phrase in everyday conversation before 1964. The conspiracy theory label entered the lexicon of political speech as a catchall for criticisms of the Warren Commission’s conclusion that US President Kennedy was assassinated by a lone gunman with no assistance from, or foreknowledge by any element of the United States government. Since then, the term’s prevalence and range of application have exploded. In 1964, the year the Warren Commission issued its report, the New York Times published five stories in which conspiracy theory appeared.

In recent years, the phrase has occurred in over 140 New York Times stories annually. On, the term is a book category that includes in excess of 1,300 titles. In addition to books on conspiracy theories of particular events, there are conspiracy theory encyclopedias, photographic compendiums, website directories, and guides for researchers, sceptics and debunkers. Initially, conspiracy theories were not an object of ridicule and hostility. Today, however, the conspiracy theory label is employed routinely to dismiss a wide range of anti-government suspicions as symptoms of impaired thinking akin to superstition or mental more>>>...

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Daily Om: You are unique. There is no one else like you in the entire universe. In honor of your unique self, it is good to acknowledge and embrace the special qualities that make you the person that you are. One way to do this is to not compare yourself with other people.

It is human nature to want to see how we measure up in comparison to others – especially if we think that they are better than us or have more of something that we want. Yet the truth is that it is not a good use of time to compare ourselves with others because there is no one like us and this makes us incomparable. It is sometimes almost easier to look outside of ourselves and feel like we are deficient in comparison to other people rather than taking responsibility for our own progress in relation to the fulfilment of our life more>>>...

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Inspiration for the Day

Lights Down Under

A Light In The Darkness has a companion blog, LIGHTS DOWN UNDER ... which can be visited>>...

The Journey of Commitment

Daily Om: Loving and committing to another person is a spiritual process whether it involves a wedding or any other type of commitment ceremony. Often when we enter into a relationship, we allow our emotions to lead us forward without thinking more deeply about what true commitment involves. If we can understand that sharing our lives with another person is not just based on love but also on the hard work of being able to compromise and enter into a dialogue with them, then we are much more likely to find the key to having a successful relationship with our partners. So many people have not experienced a loving relationship between their own parents and therefore have no role model of what love should feel like or look more>>>...

Friday, 10 April 2015

Image of the Day

Images Matthew James

Bermuda Triangle: Where Facts Disappear

The Bermuda Triangle (also known as the Devil's Triangle) is an area bounded by points in Bermuda, Florida and Puerto Rico where ships and planes are said to mysteriously vanish into thin air — or deep water.

The term "Bermuda Triangle" was coined in 1964 by writer Vincent Gaddis in the men's pulp magazine Argosy. Though Gaddis first came up with the phrase, a much more famous name propelled it into international popularity a decade later. Charles Berlitz, whose family created the popular series of language instruction courses, also had a strong interest in the paranormal. He believed not only that Atlantis was real, but also that it was connected to the triangle in some way, a theory he proposed in his bestselling 1974 book "The Bermuda Triangle." The mystery has since been promoted in thousands of books, magazines, television shows, and websites.

Over the years, many theories have been offered to explain the mystery. Some writers have expanded upon Berlitz's ideas about Atlantis, suggesting that the mythical city may lie at the bottom of the sea and be using its reputed "crystal energies" to sink ships and planes. Other more fanciful suggestions include time portals (why a rift in the space-time fabric of the universe would open up in this particular patch of well-traveled ocean is never explained) and extraterrestrials — including rumors of underwater alien bases.

But before we accept any of these explanations, a good skeptic or scientist should ask a more basic question: Is there really any mystery to explain? more>>>....

Colour Therapy

Daily OM: The wondrous displays of colour that define the world around us are manifestations of light and, as such, each possesses a unique frequency. The attraction we feel to certain colours is not a matter of pure chance—we experience the beneficial affects of colour even while blindfolded. We are naturally drawn to those colours that lift our mood, expand consciousness, and restore health. Colour therapy, also known as chromo therapy, allows us to harness the power of individual colour frequencies to heal the body, positively influence our emotions, and achieve a renewed sense of inner harmony through sympathetic resonance. Colours do not directly affect the composition of our physical, mental, or aura, but they non-invasively alter the vibrational characteristics of diverse elements of the self so that each resonates at its proper healthy more>>>...

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Small Gestures Make a Big Difference

Daily OM: We often feel that we don’t have the time or energy to extend ourselves to others with the small gestures that compose what we call common courtesy. It sometimes seems that this kind of social awareness belongs to the past, to smaller towns and slower times. Yet, when someone extends this kind of courtesy to us, we always feel touched. Someone who lends a helping hand when we are struggling with our groceries makes an impression because many people just walk right by. Even someone who simply makes the effort to look us in the eye, smile, and greet us properly when entering a room stands out of the crowd. It seems these people carry with them the elegance and grace of another time, and we are always thankful for our contact with them. Common courtesy is a small gesture that makes a big difference. An essential component of common courtesy is awareness and common sense—looking outside yourself to see when someone needs help or acknowledgment. As a courteous person, you are aware that you are walking into a room full of people or that your waiter has arrived to take your order. Then, awareness leads to more>>>...

Bywong Pagan Festival - 26th & 27th September 2015

BYWONG PAGAN FESTIVAL 26TH AND 27TH SEPTEMBER 2015 - It's beginning to take shape Matthew James Medium and Lilitu Babalon will be co-organising this inaugural event ...

It's a two day outdoors festival at The Henge Bywong, NSW. Festival 'pitches' are going to be in the region of $150 - $225 for the two days as a stall holder and around $100 for the two days as a reader/advisor. We are looking for all kinds of stall holders ...

There will be a performance stage, a food village (So we need outside caterers too) and a chance to hire and use the stone circle during the festival ... plus oodles of other side events ...

IF YOU WISH TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS EVENT ... can you contact either Matthew James or Lilitu via private message to lodge your interest.

Facebook Events Page ... here>>>... please join the event

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Junk DNA Is Not Junk After All

As scientists delved into the “junk” — parts of the DNA that are not actual genes containing instructions for proteins — they discovered a complex system that controls genes. At least 80 percent of this DNA is active and needed. The result of the work is an annotated road map of much of this DNA, noting what it is doing and how. It includes the system of switches that, acting like dimmer switches for lights, control which genes are used in a cell and when they are used, and determine, for instance, whether a cell becomes a liver cell or a neuron.

“It’s Google Maps,” said Eric Lander, president of the Broad Institute, a joint research endeavour of Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In contrast, the project’s predecessor, the Human Genome Project, which determined the entire sequence of human DNA, “was like getting a picture of Earth from space,” he said. “It doesn’t tell you where the roads are, it doesn’t tell you what traffic is like at what time of the day, it doesn’t tell you where the good restaurants are, or the hospitals or the cities or the rivers.” more>>>...

How to Develop Immunity Against Psychic Vampires

[Waking Times]: Have you ever felt drained by someone? Where an interaction causes you to feel like you are being robbed of your life energy? The source could be someone close to your heart or a brief encounter with a passing stranger or acquaintance: friend, co-worker, family member, shop owner, landlord, even someone sitting next to you on a bus. If you leave an energetic meeting feeling tired, depleted and out of alignment with your self – you have been the victim of a psychic attack. Another being has either consciously or subconsciously stolen your energy through the encounter. In today’s world, these individuals are known as psychic vampires – feeding off the energy of others just as the “big screen” vampires steal blood from unwitting victims. There are tell tale signs of psychic attack and through personal awareness and prevention methods, one can ensure that personally affirmed energy is protected and honoured through the course of any interaction in our modern human more>>>...

12 Ways to Improve Your Emotional Intelligence

People with high levels of emotional intelligence are able to recognize and regulate their own emotions along with the emotions of those around them. EQ, as emotional intelligence is called, is often thought to be more important than IQ in a person’s overall performance. This is because people with high EQ are able to use their emotions constructively to solve problems and complete other cognitive tasks. They are also able to positively influence others’ feelings.

Because EQ is intangible and harder to measure than IQ, many people don’t know how much emotional intelligence they possess or how they can improve it. We’ve already covered how to know if you’re emotionally intelligent. If your EQ doesn’t look so high, don’t worry: here are 12 practical ways everyone can increase their emotional intelligence more>>>...

Ancient Egyptians Knew How to Unleash the Power of the Pineal Gland

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Whistleblower: Massive Extraterrestrial Crafts Hiding Behind Moon

A government whistleblower recently stated that officials are baffled as to why numerous extraterrestrial crafts have docked themselves on the opposite side of the moon.

Dr. Eric Norton, an outside consultant for the NSA and NASA for the past 12 years, was hired to track various object in space including meteors, comets, etc.. but recently has been following a number of unidentified aircrafts that were heading towards Earth.

On January 22, 2012, Dr. Norton was called to the MacDonald Observatory in Texas and saw “massive, three dimensional black structures in space, in straight line formation advancing in the direction of planet Earth. The object seemed to be emitting some sort of force field that deflected space particles from touching their surface, almost like the magnetic field around the earth. The objects were getting so close that, with our telescopes, we could see the structural features of these things in high detail. They were shaped as a three dimensional “L” shaped craft. By January 2013, the objects had been tracked to about 200,000 miles past the planet Mars. Once they reached this point, almost instantaneously, the object vanished from our telescope lenses as if they had activated some sort of invisibility shield at the flick of the switch. I knew that the upper echelons of government were worried about these things because I was under a constant 24/7 guard by Secret Service agents. For nearly the entire year of 2013, we watched the skies in disbelief. We didn’t know what was going on or where these things were. According to my calculations, these things would have been so close to us by now that we would have no problem seeing them in the night sky had they stayed visible to us. We didn’t know if they were still coming or had left the solar system.” more>>>...

Quotes for the Day

Monday, 6 April 2015

Speaking Their Language

Animal lovers know that on some level we communicate with our pets, even sometimes creatures in the wild. We often have an intuitive understanding with animals, especially when they are family members. Dogs and many other animals understand very well verbal cues to heel, fetch, sit, but that sort of communication can feel one-sided, as if our pets understand us better than we understand them. For a deeper communication with animals, we have to learn to listen, as well as to speak their language.

Animals communicate with each other, and us, on many different levels. They use a combination of smell, sounds, and body language to express themselves. Most of us know that when a dog stretches his front legs out and lowers his body, it’s an invitation to play. We understand that when cats rub up against our legs, as well as being affectionate they are marking us. We belong to them, as much as they belong to more>>>...

Image of the Day

Original image Matthew James

Ritual Magic in Theory & Practice

[New Dawn Magazine]: Does ritual magic work? If so, how? And since practicing magic for selfish ends is at best morally ambiguous, why do it at all?

To look at how magic works, it’s helpful to understand a concept that has fallen into disuse in recent years but still occupies a central place in Western magic: the astral light. Esoteric texts from the Renaissance and early modern era often refer to it as the anima mundi, or “the soul of the world.”

“God is light,” the Bible tells us (1 John 1:5). Esotericism regards this image as a specific and accurate picture of reality. This light pervades the universe; there is nowhere and nothing it is not, but it is modified, its purity and intensity are filtered and diluted, as it proceeds through various levels of manifestation. Esoteric theory holds that this light reaches us on earth only after passing through the zones of the stars and planets, whose influences it absorbs; hence its name.

Astral light must not be confused with physical starlight. It is a subtle matter, imperceptible to the five senses and to the implements of science. “It is the common mirror of all thoughts and forms,” writes the nineteenth-century French magus Éliphas Lévi, “the images of all that has been are preserved therein and sketches of things to come, for which reason it is the instrument of thaumaturgy and divination.”2

To form a more or less accurate picture of this light, one need only ask, what is the substance of a thought? Neurochemical responses, a scientist may say. While that may be true up to a point, we don’t experience these images as neurochemical events; we experience them subjectively as images and forms. In this latter form, they can be said to be made up of astral more>>>...

Who is Afraid of Conspiracy Theories?

[New Dawn Magazine]: In his book Philosophical Investigations, philosopher of science Ludwig Wittgenstein demonstrated that words are more than designations or labels. They are signals in a context of activity, and are invested with many assumptions about the roles and social status of speakers and listeners.

In the 20th century, men often called women “girls.” This term, while indeed referring to something real – to women – was more than merely a label; it was demeaning and implicitly conveyed a subservient status. Wittgenstein called the common sense view of words standing for things, the “naming theory of language.” However, he pointed out, if words were merely labels, you could not teach language to children. If you pointed at a table and said “table,” how would a child know you are referring to the piece of furniture and not to the rectangular shape of its top, or the table’s colour, or its hardness, or any number of other attributes? Language is taught in the context of activity. You say to the child, “the cup is on the table,” “slide the cup across the table top,” “I am setting the table for dinner,” and slowly the child learns what a table is and how the word table is used.

Wittgenstein’s observation may seem simple, but it posed a profound challenge to all of Western philosophy since Plato, who had asked: What is beauty? What is truth? What is justice? Wittgenstein’s critique of the naming theory of language suggested these were the wrong questions. What needs philosophical investigation is who uses such words in what circumstances and with what more>>>...

Sunday, 5 April 2015

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Happy Ishtar Day: The Origins of Easter

“Eggs were hung up in the Egyptian temples. Bunsen calls attention to the mundane egg, the emblem of generative life, proceeding from the mouth of the great god of Egypt. The mystic egg of Babylon, hatching the Venus Ishtar, fell from heaven to the Euphrates. Dyed eggs were sacred Easter offerings in Egypt, as they are still in China and Europe. Easter, or spring, was the season of birth, terrestrial and celestial" more>>>...

Name and Shame - Find Your Psychic International Psychic Directory

I was included in this website WITHOUT my permission or my prior knowledge. I became aware of it after a phone call from a colleague who had also been added to this site without his prior knowledge. Using someone's branding or working name without permission, is ILLEGAL and often used as a tactic used by a scam artist to draw attention to their own product by deceitful means.

My established brand (And others) have been added to this website to DRAW OUR TRADE to this site, so the site owner gets web traffic to the site. The site owner, is conveniently added to the TOP of the POPULAR list which comes up whenever anyone's name is used in the search engine. It appears to be a case of the bee keeper crying at the loss of the stolen honey supply.

Recently, I sent a kind and courteous e-mail to the site owner requesting I have my listing taken down. 

Apr 2 (3 days ago)
to Lesleyann
Hi Lesley,

Can you remove my profile from the listing, I haven't had anything from it since it's been up there, but I have a busy year or 3 ahead of me with other projects anyway.

Here are the responses to my e-mail:


Hi Matthew,

Sorry to hear that your listing, that you put zero effort into creating or supporting, has not worked out for you -- who would have thought! And even though it costs you nothing to remain on the site, and your participation might support other up and coming psychics, or offer comfort or insights for the public, you want to take your bat-n-ball and chuff off.... again, how surprising!

You know mate... I started FYP just over three years ago, because I wanted to learn how to program software and needed a mental challenge. The whole things cost me a total of $27 for the basic software program in its raw form. The U.S. based server gives me three websites for the price of one, and I already have my own site, so FYPs hosting doesn’t really cost me anything either. I also felt guided to offer a non-biased, non-politically aligned directory to help the general public find genuine psychics because my experience has been that people who are awakening spiritually tend to go for a reading first to open their minds. From there, they go in search of spiritual meaning, and perhaps learn meditation and study ancient scripture, etc. Therefore, that first step, even with an abysmal, inaccurate and pathetic psychic is a vital and ultimately productive first step. That is why I included all and any working psychic on the listing, using information already in the public domain, and therefore perfectly legal for me to use on the site.

And boy, you’d think I’d been murdering babies in their cots!

I was certainly on a huge learning curve to discover how psychotic the psychics can be... beginning with your lil buddy Greg and his side kick She Guavara demountable. Although initially I have to admit that I was surprised at the level of vitriol coupled with abject stupidity that they revealed for all to see on FaceBook (I have all the screen shots... and they are still amusing reading!), I began to see, very clearly that my guidance was correct and that I didn’t need to test or inspect any psychic for accuracy because they would “out” themselves with their own pathetic, stupid and psychotic behaviour!! And boy, did they and then some!

So the first year, or so, I received a wave of emails from indignant non-psychic-psychics who claimed not to know they had been included, despite being sent an email. (my favourite comment was that because the email went into the Junk box, spirit had guided it there! Yep.. true story!).. of course some of them are semi-literate! Others, such as Ms Not-too-bright Demountable made up pathetic stories such as me stealing email addresses or contact info. None of them allowed the facts get in the way of a good hysterical rant based on their own insecurities, neuroses and bi-polar propensities!

Three years later, no one has been able to offer any evidence that I ever took a contact .. but hey, psychics can’t be wrong can they?

All of that hysteria has pretty much died down as the savvy psychics are realizing that I offer a very inexpensive PR vehicle to help them get their message and their name out there. The savvy ones splash out with an enormous sum of $60 per year for a featured listing and offer articles, blogs and insights for the eZine. They join in on the facebook page and make sure the messages go round and round... They know, because they have common sense,  that when someone does a Google search, the more times, and the more sites a person’s name appears, the more credibility they have... well duh!

As for the rest -- they don’t muddy the waters with sanity and logic! Instead, they get neurotic and worry just in case someone sees another psychic on FYP and contact them instead!!! Heaven forfend! And then, if the savvy psychics get more votes and hits on their listings.. because they are working at it... they’ll spit the dummy and say it is all beneath them because they are already famous! Or already making heaps of money.... In other words, revealing in full technicolour their real motivations for offering psychic readings... It is all quite priceless and so amusing to watch these psychics out themselves and reveal their dark inner core! ... and see themselves as above it all... it’s a laugh a minute!

I checked out your listing, and indeed no one has done a search for your name, although they have searched your geographic location. They may well have found you and then contacted you, but not mentioned where they found the information, that is quite common. But don’t you worry... your listing has been deleted, after all, you are already famous are you not? You clearly make enough money to pay for your medication for your illness? Your motives are clear, and I do indeed understand.

Find Your Psychic / International Psychics Directory is slowly but surely becoming a psychic directory for heart-based psychics, who are (on the whole!) sane and savvy. The psychotic and downright untalented psychics whose only motive is fame or fortune are slowly removing themselves which only boosts the good name and reputation of those who remain.

Happy trails bucko!

Reply 2
Hi Matthew... who is "we" are there two of you? Or do you speak on behalf of unnamed others ... ??? Sorry if straight talk is considered abuse by you but clearly you are confirming everything I said .. all fodder for my upcoming blogs and books on the joys of creating a free listing psychic directory... have a great life sweetie!!

Reply 3

Oh by the by. I have removed your free listing from FYP and I can absolutely assure you that it will not be uploaded again.

Thank you so much

And who is the site owner of Find Your Psychic / International Psychics Directory??

Next time you need a psychic artist ... think twice, is this a lady you would really want to deal with? The decision is yours

Evidence Of Nibiru?

Original image Matthew James 23rd July 2003, Hamilton NZ

A large scale hypothetical planet that's part of our solar system with an orbit beyond that of Neptune. Was first hypothesized in 1841 when astronomers noticed Uranus did not move as predicted in it's orbit. Based on these residuals, the search for Planet X began. This means that Planet X/Nibiru is visible every 2000 (2,160) years during its orbital pass. Sumerian and Mayan text both state that Nibiru is clearly visible by day as well as night. That being said, all science arenas confirm that the below charted events took place in the past at around those periods. The debate of course, is when exactly they occurred, and what exactly caused them to occur which isn't relevant for our purpose. You'll clearly see that the time-lines show something happens on a catastrophic scale every 4000 years (or so). The Sumerians told us that Nibiru wreaks havoc with the earth's axis every second orbital pass. (Every 4000 years or so).

Basically, Earth's axis precessed from a right tilt forward and probably 180 to the left in around 10 or 20 hours due to the gravitational "jolt" that takes place.

NASA themselves officially recognized the possibility of Planet X, with an announcement that 'some kind of mystery object is really there - far beyond the outermost planets'. One year later, the newly launched IRAS (Infra-red Astronomical Satellite) spotted a large mysterious object in the depths of space.

Saturday, 4 April 2015

What is the Ego and Why does it Make us Suffer?

The Ego is our ground state; our pure self. Our individuality is a flame in the eternal fire and our ego is our flame’s heat. The non-ego part of us is our flame, or our spirit, before the ego starts to define it, as well as the entire fire, which reflects the unity of reality.

To be absolutely clear, it’s not our awareness which is our ego, but everything which defines what our individual awareness is. What we identify as characteristics and beliefs about ourselves are reflections of our ego. It is all our personality traits – both good and bad – which means it can be functional and healthy, or the opposite.

All egos have their flaws, which is perfectly okay. However, there’s nothing wrong with developing it either. If our ego is continually angry, self-absorbed, depressed, stubborn or an array of other problematic mind and behavioural states, then there is a clear need for some self-improvement. In addition, if it gets really upset about something not going its way or has an unjustified sense of entitlement, then it is dysfunctional and self-abusive. The same goes if it is more likely to react instantly to situations instead of accessing its executive thinking capacity to respond appropriately to the circumstances. If it pisses a lot of people off, instead of the rare few (well, we can’t please everybody), then it’s not just causing others to suffer, but also more>>>...

The Long Dark Night Of The Soul

The phenomenon known as the Dark Night of the Soul is something which many spiritual seekers experience on their journey to re-enlightenment. It can be a painful and frightening process, but it can also be liberating and empowering. It all depends on your perspective and your ability to remain detached.

Essentially, the Dark Night of the Soul is the death of the (malignant) ego. The ego provides the soul with the illusion of separation so that we may explore creations that differ from the unified field of Love from which we originate. The ego in its present form, however, is overly dominant. We live in an egocentric era. The Cult to Self is celebrated through our worship of celebrity, fame, fortune, superficial beauty and power. Narcissistic behaviours are often rewarded in this ego-driven climate. The external world is a projection result of the malignancy of our collective ego state.

Needless to say, the ego does not take kindly to the awakening and enlightenment process. It sees the spiritual awakening process as a threat to its very existence and, in many ways, it is right. As you begin to remember more about your spiritual origins, the allure of ego lessens. This eventually breaks ego’s hold over you, and the ego begins to shrink away. From the ego’s perspective, this equates to death. It, therefore, isn’t going to surrender without a fight more>>>...

In the Robotic Near-Future, Most ‘Will Live Off Government-Provided Income’

If you think the jobs market and larger economy are bad now, just wait for the future. In the future, virtually everyone you know may be on the dole. There are a lots of projections and scenarios about what to expect as technology advances to practically unimaginable heights.

Already many human jobs are being displaced by computers, and most trends point to a rise of automated assembly lines, computer-run logistics and services and robots to do jobs humans did before that. So the very few at the top will be owners — as they are now, but with perhaps greater clout over human affairs. A token few will have human work where “manmade” might find appreciation and market, and more and more and more will become utterly dependent upon the government. Not only will the Middle Class disappear, but so will the “working poor” as there becomes less and less meaningful work to do.

If you thought the welfare state was bad now – with a record number of homes on food stamps, many out of work or giving up on work and a significant portion of what used to be the Middle Class struggling just to make ends meet – it may be that we haven’t seen anything yet. While we can hope for things to turn around, we should prepare for the more>>>...

David Icke – ‘The Crazies – Mad World’

Unifier of Opposites

Green is a combination of the colours yellow and blue, each of which brings its own unique energy to the overall feeling of the colour green. Blue exudes calm and peace, while yellow radiates liveliness and high levels of energy. As a marriage between these two very different colours, green is a unifier of opposites, offering both the excitement of yellow and the tranquillity of blue. It energises blue’s passivity and soothes yellow’s intensity, inspiring us to be both active and peaceful at the same time. It is a mainstay of the seasons of spring and summer, thus symbolizing birth and growth.

Green is one of the reasons that spring instigates so much excitement and activity. As a visual harbinger of the end of winter, green stems and leaves shoot up and out from the dark branches of trees and the muddy ground, letting us know that it’s safe for us to come out, too. In this way, green invites us to shed our layers and open ourselves to the outside world, not in a frantic way but with an easygoing excitement that draws us outside just to sniff the spring air. Unlike almost any other colour, green seems to have its own smell, an intoxicating combination of sun and sky—earthy, bright, and clean. In the best-case scenario, it stops us in our tracks and reminds us to appreciate the great experience of simply being more>>>...

Friday, 3 April 2015

Bywong Pagan Festival - Spring 2015

Mysitc Insight for the Day

'The Light Of Truth Oracle' cards by Matthew James

"No matter what ill wind befalls you; no matter what treacherous ground you cross underfoot, always keep yourself focused on the end result, the light at the end of the tunnel you see in your mind ... with determination you will always reach your goal" MATTHEW JAMES 

20 Transformational Truths From Sages Throughout the Ages

Wake Up World: Throughout the ages, there have been many who have had a taste of incredibly mesmerizing higher states of consciousness. Rather than keep their experiential knowledge and wisdom about the higher and deeper elements of existence to themselves, they spread the word to others, be it through spoken word, written works, or other methods.

Thanks to the sages, luminaries, spiritual teachers, thinkers and every-day people who both had and shared their enlightening experience, we can ignite the light of expanded awareness of the higher and deeper aspects of the human experience and existence itself, within ourselves. When the future looks bleak and the motivation to excel and advance seems pointless, we can look to those who have lived, and those who are still alive, to impart that wisdom, realized through their own personal experiences of an enlightened state of inner awareness.

The transformational truths that such guiding lights to humanity have expressed to us can raise our level of hope once more to the domain of energy that makes us more proactive. Reignited excitement and passion can drive us closer to the successes we imagined and dreamed would come true. We are all capable of incredible more>>>...

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Image of the Day

Matthew James

Shamanic Practitioners wanted! To take part in a Shamanic Gathering at this year's Spring Equinox Gathering in September 2015 at The Henge, Bywong, NSW
Contact Matthew James  for more info