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Saturday, 4 July 2015

Mysterious ‘Planet X’ Uncensored By Google Sky For First Time

Photo of Planet X taken by MJ in 2003
Some conspiracy theorists have said for years that Google Sky have been censoring a portion of the sky by blacking it out, and hiding from public view the proof that Planet X (or Nibiru) exists.

Now, in a bizarre move, Google Sky have decided to reveal what lies behind the blacked out piece of sky.... read more>>>...

Friday, 3 July 2015

Effort And Understanding

Daily OM: Our lives are an exercise in facing challenges. We dream the grandest of dreams as youngsters only to discover that we must cultivate copious inner strength and determination in order to meet our goals. Our hard work does not always yield the results we expect. And it is when we find ourselves frustrated by the trials we face or unable to meet our own expectations that we are most apt to take notice of those individuals who appear to accomplish great feats effortlessly. Some people’s lives seem to magically fall into place. We can see the blessings they have received, the ease with which they have attained their desires, their unwavering confidence, and their wealth. But, because we can never see the story of their lives as a whole, it is important that we refrain from passing judgment or becoming envious.

Throughout our lives, we glimpse only the outer hull of others’ life experiences, so it’s tempting to presuppose that the abundance they enjoy is the result of luck rather than diligent effort. In a small number of cases, our assumptions may mirror reality. But very few people “have it easy.” more>>>...

Quote for the Day


Thursday, 2 July 2015

Mysterious crop patterns appear near Stonehenge

S.O.T.T: Drone footage has revealed two elaborate new crop patterns in the English county of Wiltshire, home of the iconic Stonehenge circle. The images were captured by MrGro, a website that publishes drone videos of the mysterious shapes. Since the 1960s, the phenomena have been cited as evidence of the existence of extra-terrestrials, but sightings of irregular crop patterns date back to as early as the 1600s. The team at MrGro, however, have an alternative theory about these particular curved crop more>>>...

Accessing Your Akashic Records

It is believed that every thought, action and event in your life is recorded in a Universal library known as the Akashic Records.

The word Akashic stems from the Sanskrit word for ‘space’ and it is believed that in a hidden space or realm in the Universe that you can access the book of your life.

Of course, the Akasha exists on an energetic or subconscious level but can be accessed after death or in a deep meditative state.

The Akashic records contain information about your soul journey and mission in this lifetime and what energy you have come to learn and leave behind in the physical world. It also contains information about your life on earth, the people you are destined to meet and the lifestyle you are destined to create for yourself.

An easy way to think of it is that the Akashic records are like a super computer which stores information for every soul on this more>>>...

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Beyond the Law of Attraction

(Waking Times) Is there an universal law, the Law of Attraction, which says that everybody has the ability to attract things with his thoughts and intentions. According to this, if our thoughts are negative, we will attract bad things, and if our thoughts are positive, we will attract good things. The question may arise – is this law truly universal? What could be beyond the Law of Attraction? Our whole life is a rush. We chase our desires and unfulfilled dreams. We are attracted by money, power, prestige, a wholesome, happy life. All this lies there hidden behind the powerful iron gate that is towering in front of us. But now we are given the master key, with which we achieve all our goals, because we will be able to open the iron gate. By the masterful use of the law of attraction we will be able to achieve everything that we have been longing for so far, everything we desire will be lying at our feet.

We suggest, however, that we should consider the following, before we would hasten to insert our master key into the lock of the iron gate:

Why do we need to rush after all those things at all?

Is really freedom, a new world full of promises, waiting for us behind the iron gate? more>>>...

Permission To Be Real

Daily Om: Most of us are familiar with the idea of keeping it real and have an intuitive sense about what that means. People who keep it real don’t hide behind a mask to keep themselves safe from their fear of how they might be perceived. They don’t present a false self in order to appear more perfect, more powerful, or more independent. People who keep it real present themselves as they truly are, the good parts and the parts most of us would rather hide, sharing their full selves with the people who are lucky enough to know them.

Being real in this way is not an easy thing to do as we live in a culture that often shows us images of physical and material perfection. As a result, we all want to look younger, thinner, wealthier, and more successful. We are rewarded externally when we succeed at this masquerade, but people who are real remind us that, internally, we more>>>...

Paranoid Personality Disorder Symptoms

People with paranoid personality disorder are generally characterized by having a long-standing pattern of pervasive distrust and suspiciousness of others. A person with paranoid personality disorder will nearly always believe that other people’s motives are suspect or even malevolent.

Individuals with this disorder assume that other people will exploit, harm, or deceive them, even if no evidence exists to support this expectation. While it is fairly normal for everyone to have some degree of paranoia about certain situations in their lives (such as worry about an impending set of layoffs at work), people with paranoid personality disorder take this to an extreme — it pervades virtually every professional and personal relationship they more>>>...

Reading The Signs

Totem animals/power animals are often indicators and oracles. Once we have discovered what our power animals are we will often see our power animals on our travels—above us in the sky; waiting for us by the side of the road or path; in our local environ.

They will make it obvious they are there for us.

Take note of what is on your mind at the time and what is occurring in your life. Understand your power animal and the message it is telling you. Often other Power animals we are not accustomed too will appear in the same way—take note of the animal and the time … they will also be providing you a message.

The more sensitive you become to the animal & bird kingdoms, the more we will become aware of the signs …. Matthew James 

Matthew James Medium - Google Search

The Four Different Animals

Working with animal powers can put us in touch with four different types of animals:

1. The animal in the physical world - leading us to discover more about its life & ways;

2. The animal in the inner world - animal act as ideal symbols or images of deepest fears and urges; or those parts of our psyche which have been denied or repressed;

3. The Power Animal - Druid tradition, as well as other indigenous belief systems, practice that animals also exist in spirit-form in the otherworld. These animals often visit us to give energy or healing, inspiration or advice. They are known as ‘power animals’ because they carry a particular power, gift or ‘medicine’;

4. The Totem Animal - If we choose to work with power animals, we may find ourselves developing a special bond with one or more of them. We will sense their presence often in our consciousness - teaching and guiding us.

Quote for the Day

Humanity is Developing Survival Resistance to Government Lies

Throughout nature it is well known that species will experience changes in its DNA and adaptations in its physical expression and behavior solely for the purposes of surviving in its environment. There are numerous examples in nature of species genetically and physically adapting to its environment for survival reasons. So it’s not a far-fetched suggestion that humanity itself may now be experiencing a physiological mental and cerebral transformation which is changing its behavioral pattern and environmental response to the phenomenon of government.

That’s right, as humans we have an obligation to think critically and objectively when considering the plight of humanity as it struggles in these modern days against the new world order and the human control system. It is up to us to consider the objective expression of this battle for freedom against the oppressive and defective component of humanity known as government.

Whether you understand it or not, those that wish to control you are a parasite on the more>>>...

The Alchemy of Time: Understanding the Great Year & the Cycles of Existence

New Dawn Magazine:  The inspiration for this article comes from my almost nineteen years of research into the Great Cross of Hendaye and the French alchemist Fulcanelli. The unknown, anonymous, alchemist Fulcanelli in his masterpieceThe Mysteries of the Cathedrals first brought the cross at Hendaye, France to the world’s attention.

While the details of this research can be found in other articles written by myself and in the two books I co-authored,1 it can be stated that the Great Cross at Hendaye appears to be describing not only the end of the great four ages of the Hindu Yuga system but also the four ages of alchemical chronological time keeping. According to the cross at Hendaye, the Iron Age, or the Kali Yuga, will be coming to an end with the galactic alignment on the winter solstice of December 21st, 2012.

According to the mythology of the Yuga system, there are four ages of life and time on our planet. It is important to remember there are many cycles within cycles in the Hindu Yuga system so the years mentioned next may have to do with a larger cycle than the one addressed in this article. Perhaps the huge number of years referred to below is the cycle of the solar system as it circles another star, or perhaps it is a portion of the great cycle of one revolution around the galactic centre.

The first age is the Satya Yuga or the Golden Age, according to Fulcanelli. The Hindu texts tell us that this age lasts 1,728,000 years. This is an age of extreme splendour when the beings on our planet appear to live much longer than they do now. In this age there are no wars, famines, strife or more>>>...

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

NASA accused of cutting off live feed to hide UFO sighting

A video posted to YouTube on June 21 - claiming to show three UFOs leaving the Earth's atmosphere, and accusing NASA of deliberately cutting its feed from the Space Station - has been going viral. The video, titled "UFO Mysteries: UFOs, Angels Or Biological Creatures Seen Leaving The Earth?" is said to be footage from the livestream of NASA's International Space Station. The footage of three lights, combined with the alleged suspicious timing of camera difficulties, has many declaring we now have "definitive proof" that aliens exist. Further, many claim it proves a government coverup of a mysterious alien species.

The truth, however, may be far less exciting. In the YouTube video, a small speck of light can be seen rising from the atmosphere, followed by two more very small and faint lights, also rising away from the Earth. The feed then cuts out, with the message: "Please stand by. The High Definition Earth Viewing experiment is either switching cameras, or we are experiencing a temporary loss of signal with the International Space Station." Now, these specks very well could be some alien visitors, just leaving dinner at Roswell, but there are also alternative explanations.

The light may have been satellites, space debris, a glitch, or even glimmers of sunlight. The ISS completes an orbit of Earth every 92.91 minutes and moves at 17,100 miles (27,600km) per hour, so it is not unlikely to run into any of these things. While the ISS camera runs 24/7, it often cuts out or switches cameras, sometimes even temporarily shutting down the feed.

The new viral video surfaced approximately a week after UFO hunters claimed to find a pyramid on Mars, thus proving the planet was once inhabited. Scientists have scoffed at their claims, saying it is actually a rock that is roughly the size of a car.(S.O.T.T)

Radio Frequency Climate Manipulation Amounts To Weather Warfare

Climate engineering is a completely runaway juggernaut of total insanity. The planet's climate system is unraveling by the day as the geoengineers try frantically to control it with ever more desperate and destructive measures (which were a primary cause of the climate disintegration in the first place). As the photograph below clearly shows, powerful radio frequency transmissions have a profound effect on clouds that have been aerosolized by the jet aircraft spraying of toxic electrically conductive heavy metals.

After over 65 years of climate "intervention", very real damage has been done to the Earth's life support systems (along with countless other forms of anthropogenic destruction to the biosphere). The climate engineers are now appear to be attempting to use the very same intervention methods which caused the damage in the first place, to mitigate the harm already done. There is no sanity in this equation. The visible RF influence in the noctilucent cloud image below indicates probable evidence of project "LUCY" and project "ALAMO" at work. The ongoing radio frequency saturation in our atmosphere is extremely harmful to living organisms, including more>>>... 

This is How the Matrix Invades Your Body, Mind and Soul

Waking Times: Stress is a genuine pandemic, a full spectrum attack on the nervous and immune systems that greatly contributes to the unhealthiness and unease in our world. Few would disagree that modern life is far more stressful than it should be, and when you consider its main sources, it appears to be a built in feature of contemporary society that targets us, the masses, in order to create disharmony, debilitation, agitation, apathy and dependency. It comes at us from every angle in the matrix, and at its root is our enslavement to an economic system that guarantees eternal collective debt to a cartel of private bankers and money masters. To support this phony economy we are groomed to be good consumers and diligent workers, bred to value economic growth and material prosperity above and beyond human interests and common sense. For this we take on work we dislike and commit ourselves to being busy all the time in order to ‘make ends meet,’ all the while the fiat currencies we toil for are further debased and true prosperity stretches further out of more>>>...

Image of the Day

Avebury - Illustration by Matthew James. Copyright Matthew James

Explorers of Higher Dimensions: The Power of Active Consciousness

[The following is excerpted from Active Consciousness: Awakening the Power Within by Amy L. Lansky, PhD (R.L.Ranch Press, 2011)]

"At each moment of time—the Now—you stand at the gateway to an infinite number of possible futures in higher dimensional space. This gateway is the Choice Point.

Some of these futures are more likely to occur than others. If you do nothing, one of these probable futures will play itself out in a fairly predictable, even mechanistic way.

But as a conscious being, you also have the ability to affect how the future unfolds. Your experience of this ability is the sensation of free will.

One of the ways you can exert a force upon this unfolding is to use explicit action. Another way is through the subtle force of Active Consciousness, which allows you to enable unlikely unfoldings to occur."

According to the Columbia Encyclopedia, a field is a “region throughout which a force may be exerted.” Back in the 1800s, chemist and physicist Michael Faraday developed this concept in order to explain the mysterious properties of magnets. People at the time were perplexed by the way magnets could exert instantaneous forces upon metal objects when nothing seemed to be transmitted between them. Faraday hypothesized that magnets are always emanating an influence or force; we just can’t see it. And because a magnet’s sphere of influence—its magnetic field—is ever-present, it seems to exert a force instantaneously, without any form of physical contact or obvious mode of transmission (Waking Times) more>>>...

Clearing Our System

Daily OM: In this day and age we know so much more about our relationship to food than our predecessors, and the way we eat and think about food has become almost unrecognizable to our grandparents’ generation. One example of this is our awareness of food allergies, a condition that has recently entered the collective consciousness. Most of us know someone who is allergic to such commonplace foods as wheat and dairy, and we may even be prone to such an allergy. Understanding how our bodies react to food, and making the necessary adjustments in our diet, can have a profound effect on our whole energy system, and can be the key to shifting our mind into a state of greater clarity.

When we are continuously exposed to a food that gives us an allergic reaction, we feel lethargic, foggy-headed, or as if we always have a low-grade sinus infection. Other symptoms can include nausea, digestive difficulties, skin problems, and difficulty breathing. Many of us have been fighting these symptoms our whole lives without realizing that getting relief could be as simple as cutting a particular food out of our diet. When we do, we feel as if we are waking up out of a fog, and our whole system, cleared of substances that work against it, more>>>...

"Making A Spiritual Connection" with Matthew James

This was one of the better connections caught on film ..

Monday, 29 June 2015

The Path To Real Freedom ...

Although we have been made to believe that if we let go we will end up with nothing, life itself reveals again and again the opposite that letting go is the path to real freedom.

Just as when the waves lash at the shore, the rocks suffer no damage but are sculpted and eroded into beautiful shapes, so our characters can be moulded and our rough edges worn smooth by changes.

Through weathering changes, we can learn how to develop a gentle but unshakable composure. Our confidence in ourselves grows, and becomes so much greater that goodness and compassion begin naturally to radiate out from us and bring joy to others.

That goodness is what survives death, a fundamental goodness that is in each and every one of us.

The whole of our life is a teaching of how to uncover that strong goodness, and a training toward realizing it. 

Image of the Day

The Universe Is An Ocean Of Thoughts

copyright Matthew James 2015
Its amazing how this universe works. Made up of thought energy it is definitely a generator of feelings, emotions and desires. What you think of the most really does control the flow of what happens to you in your life. The universe reacts to our perceptions each and every day. 

The more your thoughts are aimed at one particular direction the more the universe works to respond to your request. To a certain degree this statement is agreeing with the cliche known as 'the law of attraction' but it is true. 

Take for example the typical tale of one little boy who is adamant that something others see as a reality doesn't exist at all. He goes out of his way to prove he is right. He eats, breathes and sleeps his perception. And you know what? The universe provides him with the reality where his perception is correct. To him his reality is the only reality. Little does he know that it is his thought energy which has created his reality for him, by sending the experiences and the situations to him that match his perception. However, those others who he tries so desperately to expose as being false & deceptive, are living in a totally different reality to him. Because their thoughts are aimed at a different perception to the little boy, those things that the little boy now can't experience, become part of the experience they find themselves in. Their thoughts create a vortex of energy to attract to them a different experience to the little boy. Now no matter how the little boy tries he will never see the reality they exist in, and his scepticism continues. Equally, they are unable to ever satisfy the demands of the little boy because their reality is so far away from his.

And this is happening all over the world. It is a world of such diverse differences. We all think differently, no two minds interpret thoughts the same ... so you might share your life path with others on a regular basis, but know they will not see live the same as you, no matter how you try to get your point across to them.

The universe is very responsive therefore to what you are thinking right now, and it is very likely that how you are thinking or feeling in this moment is due to how you were thinking maybe a week or two ago. This is why it is essential to be responsible for your thoughts. Loose thoughts can create havoc in the universe. Thought energy is the basis of magic. Think of something with sufficient intention and it can be manifested. This is the basis of clairvoyance, a little known fact. Our minds can manifest actions and events if we go about it correctly. A competent and reputable clairvoyant is actually someone with a mind of sufficient power of intention to make things happen for their client. No don't laugh. It's true. 

It stands to reason this is possible with the universe being much like an ocean of thoughts. Like an ocean there is the ebb and flow of tides. Push those tides correctly and events can be created or prevented. An interesting notion only to you perhaps, but it has every likelihood to be in true in your reality as well as my own  - Matthew James

Quote for the Day

Believe in yourself,
in your vision for your future,
and in your ability to take a small step
each day toward achieving your vision.

- Jonathan Lockwood Huie

David Icke – The Great Spiritual Awakening

Accessing the World Within

Possibilities - 2nd edition Copyright Matthew James 2015
Daily OM: A guided meditation uses the sound of a person’s voice to direct you through an inner process of relaxing your body and shifting your mind’s focus. The voice may be a person in the room with you or a recording—even something downloaded from the internet—and it is generally spoken in soothing, soft tones. You may be guided to focus on aspects of your physical body, such as on your breathing, relaxing your muscles one-by-one, or on an area in need of healing. Sometimes it might involve visualizing a journey through the beauty of the natural world. Other times, you may be led to envision yourself working with light or energy, accomplishing your goals, or repeating positive thoughts in your head. Your guide may walk you through relaxation or motivation to help you change a habit, access untapped potential, or perhaps merely to find the silence within you.

Whether you are familiar with meditation or you are a beginner, being guided gives you the opportunity to benefit from the insight of others. There are numerous meditation and visualization techniques based in various spiritual philosophies and psychological applications. You may want to try several techniques to see what appeals to you the most, or just to gain a fresh more>>>...

A Validation

Hi Matthew,

I can validate your abilities to do readings, guided meditations and picture readings.

I have had several readings plus several several months on the spiritual development path. I had learnt a lot and I found the guided meditations to be enlightening.

My first reading with you (if I recall properly) was a reading from you for me as you had been recommended to me by Alex Fulford. The reading was enlightening and also very accurate. My grandmother still doesn't say much.

I do not consider you are a fake or fraudster, in fact you tell it like it is and are very accurate.

My second reading was a little different in that I had you read a picture of a lady I was/am friends with. The way you conducted the reading of the picture and the accuracy you displayed not only amazed me but actually brought my friend to tears with your accuracy. I had not known a lot of the things you had told me and only when I relayed to my friend what you had said she was silent and then we spent the next hour or so going over what you "saw" and she validated everything that you had said.

With the guided meditations you had shown me that I can do this and I have since done this but not often enough.

I am sorry that someone out there has considered that you are not the genuine article. They are obviously sceptics OR never got told what THEY wanted to hear.

Anyway keep doing what you do best Matthew,


Michael Morante

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Symbols & Psyche: Exploring Gateways to Realms of Knowledge, Power & Understanding

We live in a world filled with visual identifiers intended to convey meaningful information at a glance without the need for words.Heraldry, the distinctive symbols of noble warrior families, traces back to the Middle Ages, when grand tournaments were held with jousts between heavily-armoured knights wearing visors. Since individuals were unrecognisable in such gear, unique coats-of-arms were designed to identify the combatants to fans and foe alike. Taverns and inns, village blacksmiths, printers and publishers, all manner of craftsmen and merchants were as recognisable in villages and cities a thousand years ago, as they are in today’s hyper-illuminated metropolitan areas and quieter rural main streets.However, there is another level of symbolism that goes beyond the merely commercial, socially informative, or technologically useful.

And that is the universe of sacred symbols, whose resonance in the archetypal levels of the human psyche can cause spiritual change and expand consciousness beyond the confines of mundane reality. Symbols that serve as gateways to realms of knowledge, power, and understanding that inform and control life on earth, and, presumably, the after-death state of non-physical life as well. Symbols that can open the mind to communication with spiritual beings who welcome the opportunity to interact with human consciousness. Symbols that confirm to the aspiring student the nature of the truths he or she more>>>...

Image of the Day

Light of Truth Oracle Cards copyright Matthew James 2012

Am I A Fraud?

Here's the thing. I pride myself on HONESTY, TRUTH and INTEGRITY with the work I do. My field is one of the most heavily criticised and ridiculed. It contains fakes yes. It contains charlatans yes. But I strongly contend I am not one of them.

If I can't read for someone, or if my consultation is not up to my high standards, I give my clients their money back. It happens, but not very often. That has always been my policy.

I work hard. I go out of my way to give value for money. I have an endless stream of very satisfied clients. My work is my life and always has been. So when I get someone blatantly calling me and declaring I am a fraud and a cheat, I don't like it. It hasn't happened often in the last thirty years, so it is a rarity. But it has happened recently. 

So, what I ask ... anyone, everyone who's had a reading with me ... can you e-mail me at and let me know what your experience was like. If you think I was a fake or a fraud let me know. If you think my methods are an act and I don't genuinely connect with your lost loved ones ... let me know. 


The Right Of Freewill

All that matters is what is in our own reality. For that all there is. We should not be swayed by the perceptions and bullying of other souls. They are on their path and we are on our own. This is the equality of freewill. Freewill is not designed to be hijacked by the inner fears of others. Instead freewill is meant to be the vehicle through which our higher self drives through the life it intended in this incarnation. So often freewill is left in tatters and rags because of the bullying opinions of those who's perceptions are ruled by inner fears. What they see in others is the source of that inner fear. Their over bearing presence a result of a strong desire to eradicate that source of fear in their life. What they selfishly desire is a world where everything suits their perceptions and their desires. Sadly, that world doesn't exist. It is not a paradigm of existence on this world as no two people view the world in the same way. 

Our own reality should be the focus of our awareness. We shouldn't have the right to dictate to others what they should or should not be doing. When others fail to fall into the acceptable structure of our perception we should not call them odd, deluded or sick ... their reality is different to our own. Let others be free to make their own judgements, offer opinions yes ... but do not force people to look at the world through your eyes. Their life will have different parameters to yours. 

Next time a negative influence appears in our lives. Acknowledge the influence and look at it as a reminder that the universe is asking us to look at our lives a little more closely. Is there any validation in what they are saying? If there is ... then thank the universe for the resultant quality control we need to impose on our life. If there is no validation to the influence then blank out that influence. It is as simple as that. Do not let that negative influence affect you. Too many people become depressed or upset when a sceptical attack is unleashed on them. It is best to take a deep breath and look at what the sceptic is really saying. 'You represent a fear they have. They wish you to take that fear away for them by reacting to their hogwash'. Remember when a negative sceptic turns his attention on you, it is his problem, usually a very deep rooted one. Not yours. Do not jump into his psycho drama by giving him the time of day -Matthew James

The Matthew James Medium Page

For more information on Matthew James Medium more>>>...

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