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Wednesday, 21 March 2018

'Memory Lane' - 21st March 2017


The Awakening Vs The Assimilation

The Awakening is now in full flow. Good fortune as it counteracts latter stages of The Assimilation. Truly white battles black like never before. Those who have grown in awareness through the quickening rays (Increased light activation from the sun) chose a desperate time to be what they are ...

Their initiation; their activation ... couldn't come a moment too soon. The Assimilation aims to de-humanise the populace and reduce their numbers then computerise their consciousness so the Demiurge can gain control of the souls but never the spirit. It will thus permanently separate the spirit and convince the decanted consciousness it is the soul that it experiences. Forever. Trapped in a fake reality.

On the other hand The Awakening has those within the populace who REMEMBER being their spirit and have made themselves spirit incarnate. Thus subduing the fake self known as the soul. This realm is no longer the fanciful delusion they've been taught since birth.

They know spread that truth like a computer virus, affecting each and every human they are in contact with, just by BEING here and awakened ... this the Demiurge Corporation is now more desperate than ever ...

Because too many are awakening and it is beyond their control ... 

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

“Originality is the best form of rebellion.” ― Mike Sasso

To All Who Can Hear

Waking Times: We’re at an amazing time in human as well as cosmic history. What we do with it is up to each of us individually, as well as the inescapable collective of which we are all part. How we each respond individually affects the entire collective. This is our tremendous power. To do right or wrong, bring light or continued ignorance and darkness.

This responsibility is too weighty for most. They feel not just dis-empowered, but cowed out of their integral self soul expression. The forces are many, but playing the victim is nothing but an escape from personal responsibility. Fear, self-doubt, conditioning and subconscious inertia are difficult but not impossible to overcome. One right decision and exercise in true self affirmation leads to another, and as momentum builds it does become easier, and quite inspiring as well as horizon more>>>...

“To want to understand is an attempt to recapture something we have lost.” ― Peter H√łeg

Wren - Totem Bird of the Day


Daily OM: Spring comes when the earth, coaxed by lengthening days and warmer temperatures, begins to awaken from her winter slumber. She stretches open to receive the rain that gives drink to flower buds and seedlings. She takes a deep breath, and on her exhale the leaves on trees unfurl like tiny flags heralding her revival as baby animals tumble forth, trumpeting the good news to all who will listen.

 Rebirth and re-population fill the void of winter with flurry and fury as what appeared to be gone forever comes into being once again. Even though it happens this way every year, we stand in awe, our insides trembling sweetly like the legs of a new foal as we too are reborn.

This is when we fall in love, again, speak without thinking, say yes to things we would normally refuse. It becomes more difficult to say no when the whole world around us appears to be an astounding affirmation of the resilience, richness, and plain, perfect beauty of life. We may find ourselves feeling several years younger and 10 pounds lighter without changing a more>>>...

“When you run out of hope, everything is backwards. Your heart wants the opposite of what it needs.” ― Andrew Peterson

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'Memory Lane' - 20th March 2017


Monday, 19 March 2018

“You might be looking for reasons but there are no reasons.” ― Nina LaCour

Holograms and the World of the Weird

Mysterious Universe: The field of the unexplained and the paranormal is very much often focused on finding explanations to gain insight into and make sense of the things that seem to defy or elude conventional understanding.

UFOS, ghosts, cryptids, there are as many attempts to explain them as there are people who gaze at them in wonder, some more plausible, others quite unique, and some which seem seek to force things to make sense.

For instance, are UFOs aliens, inter-dimensional beings, time travelers, a trick of light, a weird cloud, tall tales, Venus reflecting off of the moon reflected off of whatever, a flock of birds? What about ghosts, Bigfoot, Nessie, or any of the other menageries of weird entities and beasts that populate the realm of the unexplained? You may very well get a different answer for every person you ask. But what if at least some instances of these phenomena are not anything real or tangible at all?

What if they are merely holograms? more>>>...

“We can’t dwell in the same place, doing the same thing, indefinately We have to move on .."- Matthew James

The Black Sheep

Daily Om:Many of us have had an experience in which we felt like the lone black sheep in a vast sea of white sheep. For some of us, however, this sense of not belonging runs more deeply and spans a period of many years. It is possible to feel like the black sheep in families and peer groups that are supportive, as well as in those that are not. Even if we receive no overt criticism regarding our values, there will likely be times when it seems that relatives and friends are humoring us or waiting for us to grow out of a phase.

Sometimes we may even think we have been adopted because we are so different from our family members. These feelings are not a sign that we have failed in some way to connect with others. Rather, they should be perceived as the natural result of our willingness to articulate our individuality.

Many black sheep respond to the separateness they feel by pulling back from the very people to whom they might otherwise feel closest and embracing a different group with whom they enjoy a greater degree of commonality. But if you feel that your very nature has set you apart from your peers and relatives, consider that you chose long ago to be raised by a specific family and to come together with specific people so that you could have certain experiences that would contribute to your ongoing more>>>...

“Of all the words of mice and men, the saddest are, "It might have been.” ― Kurt Vonnegut

Willie Wagtail - Totem Bird of the Day

Frightening Frequencies: The Dangers of 5G & What You Can Do About Them

Elexurmagazine: First, it’s important to know that in 2011, the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer classified RFR as a potential 2B carcinogen and specified that the use of mobile phones could lead to specific forms of brain tumors.

Many studies have associated low-level RFR exposure with a litany of health effects, including:

DNA single and double-strand breaks (which leads to cancer) ...oxidative damage (which leads to tissue deterioration and premature ageing)...disruption of cell metabolism...increased blood-brain barrier permeability...melatonin reduction (leading to insomnia and increasing cancer risks)...disruption of brain glucose metabolism...generation of stress proteins (leading to myriad diseases)

As mentioned, the new 5G technology utilizes higher-frequency MMW bands, which give off the same dose of radiation as airport scanners. The effects of this radiation on public health have yet to undergo the rigours of long-term testing. Adoption of 5G will mean more signals carrying more energy through the high-frequency spectrum, with more transmitters located closer to people’s homes and workplaces—basically a lot more (and more potent) RFR flying around us. It’s no wonder that apprehension exists over potential risks, to both human and environmental health.

Perhaps the strongest concern involves adverse effects of MMWs on human skin. This letter to the Federal Communications Commission, from Dr Yael Stein of Jerusalem’s Hebrew University, outlines the main points. Over ninety percent of microwave radiation is absorbed by the epidermis and dermis layers, so human skin basically acts as an absorbing sponge for microwave radiation. Disquieting as this may sound, it’s generally considered acceptable so long as the violating wavelengths are greater than the skin layer’s dimensions. But MMW’s violate this condition.

Furthermore, the sweat ducts in the skin’s upper layer act like helical antennas, which are specialized antennas constructed specifically to respond to electromagnetic fields. With millions of sweat ducts, and 5G’s increased RFR needs, it stands to reason that our bodies will become far more conductive to this radiation. The full ramifications of this fact are presently unclear, especially for more vulnerable members of the public (e.g., babies, pregnant women, the elderly), but this technology

Furthermore, MMWs may cause our pain receptors to flare up in recognition of the waves as damaging stimuli. Consider that the US Department of Defense already uses a crowd-dispersal method called the Active Denial System, in which MMWs are directed at crowds to make their skin feel like it’s burning, and also has the ability to basically microwave populations to death from afar with this technology if they choose to do so. And the telecommunications industry wants to fill our atmosphere with MMWs? more>>>...

"Emptiness which is conceptually liable to be mistaken for sheet nothingness is in facr the reservoir of infinite possibilities" - D.T.Suzuki

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"Memory Lane" - 19th March 2017


Sunday, 18 March 2018

“Everything is created twice, first in the mind and then in reality.” ― Robin S. Sharma,

'Through A Druid's Eyes'

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Superb Fairy Wren - Totem Bird of the Day


Daily Om: It is natural to feel resentment or anger when life does not unfold as expected. We consciously or unconsciously anticipated one experience, and we grieve for the loss of it when the universe puts something else in our path. Most of the time, we work through these feelings and they pass. Occasionally, our anger and resentment do not fade and are instead transformed into bitterness.

Bitter feelings allow us to become perfect victims in that we no longer feel obliged to work toward healing and choose instead to identify with our pain. Yet as unwholesome as bitterness can be, it is also a natural element of our emotional palette. When we acknowledge that it is okay to feel bitter, we reconnect with our hurt in a constructive way and can begin the process of working through it.

The nature of bitterness is rooted in the fact that the pain we feel provides us with a rationale. We may feel that we deserve to embrace our bitterness to its full extent. And to be bitter is, in essence, to cut ourselves off from all that is positive, hardening our hearts and vowing never to let go of our more>>>...

"You are not meant to serve time. Time is meant to serve you. Become the master of your now." - Eoyen.A.Gardner

"Memory Lane" - 18th March 2017


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Saturday, 17 March 2018

Through A Druid's Eyes

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