Sunday, 25 September 2016

No Evidence for Fluoridated Water to Result in Less Cavities

Waking Times: Two-thirds of Americans drink tap water that has added fluoride. Unlike other chemicals added to water, which are intended to treat the water itself, fluoride is intended to treat the people who drink the water, whether they want the treatment or not.

As the Fluoride Action Network (FAN) puts it, “Fluoridating water supplies can thus fairly be described as a form of mass medication, which is why most European countries have rejected the practice.”1

In the U.S., many people assume the fluoride in drinking water is beneficial for their teeth, an assumption that has been widely spread by public health agencies.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has partnered with the American Dental Association (ADA) in saying fluoridation is “nature’s way to prevent tooth decay”2 — a statement that is both misleading and more>>>...

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Recharging Your Batteries

Daily OM: Our natural state of being is vibrant, happy to be alive. Yet, there can be times when we feel run down and worn out. This does not mean that we are lazy or unfit for the tasks in our lives; it means that we need to recharge our batteries and find a way of keeping them charged. Vitamins and extra rest can be very helpful in restoring our physical bodies. And if we are willing to delve deeper, we may discover that there is an underlying cause for our exhaustion.

Whenever you are feeling run down, take an honest look at how you have been thinking, feeling and acting. You will likely find a belief, behavior pattern or even a relationship that is out of alignment with who you really are. Perhaps you believe you have to be perfect at everything or you have been bending over backwards to get people to like you. Maybe you are dealing with mild depression or simply have too much on your plate right now. There may also be people or situations in your life which are draining your energy. Once you get clear on the root cause, you can weed it out and better direct your flow of energy in the future.

In time, you might notice that the reasons you feel run down have less to do with how much you are doing and more to do with the fact that in your heart, you would rather be doing something else entirely. From now on, try and listen to what your heart really wants. It may take meditation, or just a moment of silent tuning in to gain the clarity you need, but it is well worth the effort. When you know what you truly want to do, and honor that in all situations, you will find that getting run down is a thing of the past.

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Ghostly figure of little girl in period dress is caught on film by startled visitor to 900-year-old castle

Daily Mail: A butcher has revealed a picture of what he claims is the ghost of a little girl wearing Georgian-period clothing and bonnet in the grounds of a 900-year-old castle.The image shows a clear figure in a white floor length period dress and a bonnet that appears to float where her head would be - though the eerie child has no visible arms or more>>>...

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The Rune Elhaz

The 15th rune of the Elder Futhark, Elhaz is a powerful protective rune. Its shape symbolizes the strong resistance of the wapiti who terrorizes the enemy with its antlers. Because of its antlers nobody dares to attack the wapiti, so this one wins without needing to fight. Elhaz also symbolizes the sedge (Carex rostrata), a reed variety with sharp leaves which discourages the predators. This Rune is often to refered to as 'elk-sedge'.

Knowing how to repel the evil, Elhaz represents the best defense which can exist. It is the reference rune of the personal protection. Visualize oneself surrounded with this rune confers a powerful shield against any sorts of attacks, physical and/or psychics. The rune Elhaz allows to protect its properties, buildings and vehicles. The power of support and defense of Ehlaz confers a great protection against all the forces or influences, known or unknown, which each of us can enter conflict with. Elhaz represents the power of the man, supported by the beyond, in the divine quest.

Elhaz procures to the one who use it, an aura allowing to move forward in life with more vigour. Elhaz is a rune which calls up to the divine and which connects us with this part of ourselves. It guides and provides support.

Elhaz is the rune connecting the gods to the human, the force bringing the human consciousness towards more>>>...

Thoughts to get you Thinking #42

"I sing the body electric." -- Walt Whitman

The water that makes up so much of our bodies is like ocean water. The salt crystals in this water vibrate at ever-changing frequencies. Our hearts are the emotional centres of our bodies, and they put out frequencies that are 10 times the power of the frequencies of our brains. When we are happy, we vibrate at a higher frequency than when we are angry or sad. Our emotions change the chemical composition of the water in our systems. That's why happy tears taste different than tears of sadness.

Experiencing physical, emotional and mental stillness harmonizes the vibrational output of the body, heart and mind and we become stronger.

"The message we give our bodies -- one of irritation or acceptance -- is the message to which our bodies will answer."
-- Deb Shapiro, Your Body Speaks Your Mind

Friday, 23 September 2016

The Unseen World

Daily OM: Just because we can’t see something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, although this is a common way in which people deny the existence of spirit guides, angels, and other unseen helpers in our lives. However, anyone who has encountered such beings can attest to the fact that they do, indeed, exist, just as our breath exists, keeping us alive, even though we can’t see it. The wind exists, too, but we only know this because we feel it on our skin and hear it moving the leaves on the trees. All around us and within us are things we can’t see, and yet we know they are just as real as the grass beneath our feet. What we see and don’t see may just be a matter of perspective, like the ladybug who sees the leaf on which she sits, but not the tree the leaf grows on, or the person sitting beneath more>>>...

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AUSTRALIAN RAVEN copyright Matthew James

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Thoughts to get you Thinking #41

"The purpose of therapy is not to remove suffering but TO MOVE THROUGH IT to an enlarged consciousness that can sustain the polarity of painful opposites." -- James Hollis

How do we support others who are suffering?

When we understand how soul works through us, we begin to see how pain generates the impulse to change. We see that our aim in supporting someone is NOT to get rid of their pain and suffering. Instead, we want to assist them to understand what the pain is trying to teach them -- to find meaning in their distress. Often, all we need do is be fully present to them. It also helps to be present to our own experience and genuine in our feelings. Living our own truth helps create the space for the other person to live theirs.

"The first duty of love is to listen."-- Paul Tillich

"With the gift of listening comes the gift of healing."-- Catherine de Hueck Doherty

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WELCOME SWALLOW copyright Matthew James

Returning to Creative Dreams

Daily OM: As children, many of us entertained fantasies or even goals of being an actor, singer, dancer, artist, or musician. In some cases, we received enough encouragement to develop our abilities in those creative arenas, but somewhere along the way we stopped. This stopping may have been due to circumstances beyond our control or to our own unconscious acts of self-sabotage. Being creative can be scary in a world that seems to value logic over imagination and practicality over dreaming. We can forgive ourselves for shutting down or turning our attention away from our inner artist, but perhaps we can also take steps to reclaim our dreams. In certain times and places, developing a creative ability was considered an important part of being a well-rounded human being. It was not necessary to be a professional or a masterly genius, because the act of creativity was valued in and of more>>>...

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The World’s Food Seeds are Going Extinct, but You Can Help

Waking Times: Most of the truly important news of our times goes unnoticed, under-reported or ignored by the corporate media, and as they focus on the ever-evolving narrative of human political drama, we are missing opportunities to participate in the most important struggles of our time. Seven generations from now, the destruction of the world’s seed diversity by corporate greed will have a much greater impact on the human condition than as much as anything else we can fathom.

Seeds are absolutely vital to life on earth, but once a crop has gone extinct there is no way to revive it. In the last century alone, the world has lost at least 93% of all seed types, which had been cultivated by individual farmers around the globe for millennia providing a robust array of nutrition and sustenance.

A major part of the problem is the shift toward industrial, corporate sponsored agriculture and monocultures which is now heavily dependent on corporate seed manufacturers who have through corporate business practices consolidated the seed industry and recruited the enforcement of government policy to ensure that farmers have few more>>>...

The Interior Life

Waking Times: Something is not quite right…you feel it…you may have experienced this feeling, this nagging, for a long time. So you most probably just try to ignore it and hope that it goes away; but sooner or later the persistent nagging finally brings an idea to your mind – there’s something very odd about the way the world is. Maybe you feel like you are at the cinema watching a film and yet you sense there must be something wrong about the film you are seeing. The images are all there, but there’s a feeling that something is out of sequence, or the frames are running out of ‘normal’ time. However, after a while you get used to the style of the film, and your senses adjust to its rhythm and you lose the sense of strangeness and you get pulled into the show and you go along with the ride…

…the film tells you that the world has no grand meaning, that human life is an accidental anomaly – but as you walk down the street, engage with friends, fall in love, follow your dreams, you experience meaning and significance…wait, there’s that glitch in the film again – something about its ‘randomness’ and ‘meaninglessness’ doesn’t make sense…your personal experience has shown you something different…and then there’s that nagging feeling again…somewhere – wasn’t there? more>>>...

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Everyone Has a Story

Daily Om: It’s easy to forget sometimes that everyone has a story to tell if we take the time to listen. We are so accustomed to hearing the stories of people in the news that we sometimes lose track of the fact that the random stranger on the bus also has a fascinating story about where they came from and how they got to be where they are. The sheer variety of paths taken in this world, from farmers to CEOs to homeless people to world travelers, is indicative of how much we can learn from each individual. Sometimes the shy, quiet person at work has the most amazing life story and the biggest dreams, it is up to us to take the time to find out.

Some people travel a path of wealth and privilege, while others struggle with only themselves to rely on, and both have great stories to tell. Each person learns lessons, makes choices, and develops a unique perspective, which only they can claim and more>>>...

David Icke - The Holographic Universe

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NANKEEN KESTREL by Matthew James

The Criminal Mind is a Reptilian Mind (Homo-Reptilicus criminalensis)

This is a picture of the criminal when all its disguises are removed and placed into the light of day: Without its suits, without its uniforms, without its everyday clothes, without its wigs, without its tattoos, without its social position, without its makeup, cologne/perfume, masks, language accents, work-place jargon, vehicles, houses, religious garments, medallions, jewelry, etc... in short, by removing all the items of camouflage and adaptation to the environment in which it preys. Criminals are reptiles in the sense that the attributes of the reptilian portion of the human brain play a dominant role in the behavior of criminals. The criminal mind is from a reptilian brain ... read more>>>...

The Forbidden Legacy of a Fallen Race

New Dawn: Is civilisation the legacy of a race of human angels known as Watchers and Nephilim? Andrew Collins, author of FROM THE ASHES OF ANGELS, previews his history of angels and fallen angels and traces their origin back to an extraordinarily advanced culture that entered the Near East shortly after the end of the last Ice Age.

Angels are something we associate with beautiful Pre-Raphaelite and renaissance paintings, carved statues accompanying gothic architecture and supernatural beings who intervene in our lives at times of trouble. For the last 2000 years this has been the stereotypical image fostered by the Christian Church. But what are angels? Where do they come from, and what have they meant to the development of organised religion?

Many people see the Pentateuch, the first five books of the Old Testament, as littered with accounts of angels appearing to righteous patriarchs and visionary prophets. Yet this is simply not so. There are the three angels who approach Abraham to announce the birth of a son named Izaac to his wife Sarah as he sits beneath a tree on the Plain of Mamre. There are the two angels who visit Lot and his wife at Sodom prior to its destruction. There is the angel who wrestles all night with Jacob at a place named Penuel, or those which he sees moving up and down a ladder that stretches between heaven and earth.

Yet other than these accounts, there are too few examples, and when angels do appear the narrative is often vague and unclear on what exactly is going on. For instance, in the case of both Abraham and Lot the angels in question are described simply as ‘men’, who sit down to take food like any mortal more>>>...

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

The People vs. the Hidden Hand: David Icke Speaks Out

New Dawn Magazine: Among those who’ve chosen to question mainstream belief systems, David Icke is an icon, a one-man alarm clock who has probably woken up more people to the global conspiracy than any other individual. He is a natural orator with a compelling and engaging style of both writing and speaking who has managed – in ways unlike any before him – to connect a vast web of seemingly disparate dots into a single, unified picture. It is a picture that, when he explains it to a freshly opened mind, enables that mind to see a single image in a fog of pixels. He has probably been the cause of more “ah-ha!” moments than any other researcher in his field.

David Icke certainly had that effect on this writer, who, after watching his 2009 Melbourne presentation, finally understood how the events of 9/11 fit into a much larger paradigm – how 9/11 was simply a turning point in a complex, yet at the same time, rather straightforward narrative. It is a narrative of increasingly consolidating global power – a power that David Icke has researched and tracked for the past 26 years. But unlike many other researchers who pieced together the history of this global conspiracy, David Icke is not only able to join the dots, he sees where this agenda leads. His books and speeches foretold many aspects of the global conspiracy that have since come true or been exposed – the ‘war on terror’, global financial collapse, elite paedophile rings, emerging police states, the cashless society, implantable microchips, and the West’s brinkmanship against Russia and China with intent to ignite a third world war. David Icke began speaking truth to power 26 years ago, following a set of mighty synchronicities and epiphanies that prophesied the path to the world stage on which he currently stands. At that time, the world was far from ready to have its cherished beliefs dismantled, and David found himself the target of both ridicule and professional disgrace. But he persevered. He continued to research, to write and to more>>>...

Thoughts Have Wings

New Dawn Magazine: Telepathy is real. Thoughts have wings. Of this I am certain. It is a shame that telepathy, direct mind-to-mind interaction independent of the known senses (vision, hearing, smell, taste, touch, balance, and so on), is still shunned and mocked by many people.

The basic phenomena of telepathy have been demonstrated over and over again, and even put to practical use. A vast scientific literature on parapsychology (which encompasses the study of telepathy) exists, with specialised journals and societies.2

There is strong laboratory evidence for telepathy, from classic card-calling studies to controlled experiments where an agent inserts material telepathically into a subject’s dreams, through more sophisticated tests for telepathic information transfer in the fully conscious state or at the threshold of consciousness between sleep and waking (hypnagogia) more>>>...

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CASTLERIGG by Matthew James

Remember the Light Side

Daily OM: Often when we talk about fun, or doing things just for fun, we talk about it in a dismissive way as if fun isn’t important. We tend to value hard work and seriousness, and we forget to pay our respects to the equally important, light side of silliness and laughter. This is ironic because we all know the feeling of euphoria that follows a good burst of laughter, and how it leaves us less stressed, more openhearted, and more ready to reach out to people. We are far more likely to walk down the street smiling and open after we’ve had a good laugh, and this tends to catch on, inspiring smiles from the people we pass who then positively influence everyone they encounter. Witnessing this kind of chain reaction makes you think that having fun might be one of our most powerful tools for changing the world. Laughter is good medicine, and we all have this medicine available to us whenever we recall a funny story or act in a silly way. We magnify the effects of this medicine when we share it with the people in our more>>>...