Monday, 5 December 2016

'The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible'

Black Cockatoo Medicine

The black cockatoo represents the power of spirit come into your life. It could be a strengthening of your own spirit and soul, or a celebration of any spirits or gods that you happen to believe in. Black cockatoo energy tends to be celebratory and can bring about empowerment, happiness and contentment.

Black cockatoo is a liberating energy, suggesting a time of emotional and spiritual freedom. You may feel more able to use different rituals, spells or thought-processes, or more able to express yourself emotionally; not just when it comes to happiness, but also when it comes to grief, anger or even fear. Black cockatoo indicates that there will be a level of purity with such expressions, and that we can aid this by consciously not judging ourselves for expression of emotion or of spirit.

Themes of creativity abound. It is time to create! Create new ways of thinking within yourself, new ways of nourishing your body and spirit (including adopting new visualisations, or new ways of eating, thinking and being). Additionally, black cockatoo indicates artistic creation and ability, whether through drawing, painting, music, dancing, writing or other pursuits.(

Danburite Meanings

Danburite amplifies the properties and effects of other stones. It will open and release energy blockages, assisting healing on all levels. Thus it is an excellent healing stone. Danburite is also helpful in strengthening clarity and perceptiveness. It also lessens issues of self-pride as well as diminishing blockages.

Danburite helps in achieving deep and comprehensive consciousness. The expanded consciousness makes it easier to accept any difficult period in life and helps to obtain a broader perspective about life. Danburite also brings a feeling of peace and calm, even when things are not as ideal as you would like them to be. 

Danburite helps in transcending the fears, concerns, needs, and desires of our ego. It enables you to take a look at your life from a different perspective — from the perspective of the spirit. That is, you need to consider everything that happens as a chance for spiritual growth and development. Because, in reality, everything is a chance to acquire knowledge, wisdom, insight, and, eventually, enlightenment. The more you are aware of the spiritual side of all things, the more you are able to disperse and diminish their potential negative aspects. 

Danburite makes it possible for your inner light to shine, to become what you are, to reveal your true identity. This stone activates the intellect and promotes your faith and respect for the spiritual laws.
Danburite will help you in turbulent times. Whenever you think of giving up, use your Danburite, and it will give you strength to go on. It will liven you up and encourage you to adapt and deal with the difficulties and troubles ahead. 

Danburite can heal deep wounds, cleanse the past karma, and support your persistent fight in troublesome and dangerous situations. (

First Major Clinical Trials Show Magic Mushrooms Heal Mental Illness like a “Surgical Intervention”

In June 2015 we reported on the re-emerging field of using psychedelics to treat mental illness, with psilocybin, in particular, showing great promise for chronic anxiety and depression. Western medicine began realizing its potential in the 1940s, but medical research was stamped out with the War on Drugs.

Now, as the injustice of the drug war is fully exposed, research is again turning to the amazing, natural power of psilocybin. William Richards at Johns Hopkins University has been dosing people with psilocybin for 15 years, and in 2006 published his first study demonstrating positive therapeutic results.

That study provided the impetus for a rapid expansion in psychedelic research. On December 1, results of the first two major clinical trials were published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology – showing yet again psilocybin’s remarkable effect on depression and end-of-life more>>>...

David Icke & Jeff Rense Perception Deception…Downloading 'Reality' 2016

Trapped in the Net: What They Don’t Tell You About the Internet & Social Media

Waking Times: Flawed, to a depth unlike any other beast in the animal kingdom, human beings rapaciously despoil their own environment and continue to conduct activities that appear to threaten the very existence of the biosphere – our home, planet Earth. 

Through the latter half of the 20th century an insatiable technological race to develop weapons of mass annihilation resulted in nuclear standoff among a handful of belligerent nations and an incongruous co-operative policy of Mutually Assured Destruction (M.A.D.). That dire policy still stands today, a shadow cast unthinkingly over all human endeavour and indeed life itself.

The very idea that humanity willingly chose to pursue a scientific course that delivered the capacity to destroy the world many times over should be breathtakingly troubling, yet inspires relatively little comment. From the very same tumultuous technological crucible that produced the enduring madness of nuclear weaponry came a more recent development – the Internet. The online world promises an ‘abundance of riches’ (as its techno-evangelists constantly assure) but it also has a profound (and profoundly under acknowledged) dark side. Birthed from the Pentagon’s desire to be able to maintain communications through the early stages of a nuclear assault (by spreading the electronic and telephonic communications load over a labyrinth of interconnected routes and servers), what we today call the Internet (which at one point was called ARPANET) was shepherded into existence by D.A.R.P.A. (the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) in partnership with the scientific, academic and corporate more>>>...

Picking Up Mental Garbage

S.O.T.T: Many people are concerned about the increasing pollution, violence and suffering. We want to help, but many times we feel that we are powerless against these trends. However, there is an universal law that you should take into account before trying to help: You should clean up your mental garbage. The largest manufacturer of junk in our lives is our own Minds, so first of all we need to know clean it up and to recognize its functioning. In order to control something, we first need to know the thing concerned, so we must know our Mind so as to be in charge of it. The most important thing we need to about our Mind is that it is not something that exists separately, individually, like some inanimate object.

The Mind is not an object - it is a process. The process of constantly streaming thoughts. This stream of the thoughts is what we perceive as the Mind. When these thoughts disappear, the Mind disappears with them, as the two are only able to exist together. The very basic nature of thoughts is that they are in a constant move, and this motion, almost automatically, creates the more>>>...

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Sunday, 4 December 2016

'We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark, the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light'

Rhiannon - Maid of Annwn

Rhiannon (her name meaning "Maid of Annwn") is a goddess from Welsh mythological history. She is a goddess of earth, fertility, horses and birds. She finds antecedants in the British Goddess Rigantona ("Great Queen") and the continental Celtic horse-goddess Epona, who was also associated with foals, dogs and birds like Rhiannon. She has links to the Underworld and is much featured in the Mabinogion. In the Mabinogion she is intelligent and wise, and doesn't hesitate to speak Her mind.

Birds have always been associated with this goddess, so sometimes she was referred to as "Rhiannon of the Birds." Rhiannon is accompanied by three blackbirds which were said to sing so sweetly that listeners could sit entranced for years. The songs of her birds could wake the dead or lull the living to sleep for seven years. With their sweet songs, Rhiannon's magical birds could heal the sick and wounded and soothe the souls of the most troubled of mortals.

The songs of her birds are believed to be able to bring restorative, peaceful slumber. Birds bring the energy of Transcendence and as animals of the Earth and of the Sky, these feathered friends help us to bridge the energy of Heaven and Earth. Bridging the ability to traverse the physical plane while simultaneously remembering our Freedom of Spirit, and with this remembrance we take flight and transcend the illusions of separateness and more>>>...

Hiding In Plain Sight: The Global Pedophile Ring Exposed

Waking Times: Pedophilia scandals continue to emerge around the world year after year while the corporate media and law enforcement agencies alike fail to treat the sexual exploitation of minors as a global, systemic problem. As the number of child abuse scandals involving the rich and powerful continue to grow, it is becoming impossible to cover up that these instances of child sexual abuse and exploitation are globally organized and often run by the very same people who greatly influence society and politics. The entertainment industry, powerful political centers, and even organized religion have been shown to be major centers where this horrific abuse has been enabled and widely accepted among the “elites” and other powerful individuals that dominate these institutions. What follows are several examples of the widespread depravity practiced by some of the world’s most powerful more>>>...

Scotland Yard given extra funding to probe ‘important’ new lead over theory that Madeleine McCann was kidnapped by trafficking gang

Daily Mail: Scotland Yard is set to investigate an 'important' new lead in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. Extra funding has been allocated to the Met to probe the information, which is said to strengthen the theory that the British girl was kidnapped by a trafficking gang. Detectives will work on the assumption that Maddie was snatched by a gang of European traffickers after taking photographs of her. The new development is said to be the 'last throw of the dice' into the investigation of the youngster's disappearance in Portugal in 2007, when she was three years more>>>...

Spiritualising The Planet

Daily OM: We are one with the cosmos whether we realize it or not. Realizing it, though, quickens our spiritual energy and allows us access to higher realms. In those higher realms lies the awareness that we are more than just finite physical beings living one life in one place at one point in time. Connecting with this awareness is to awaken to the truth and take a step forward, and upward, on our soul's journey. This upward movement is known as ascension because the more we remember who we are and embody that truth, the higher our energy vibrates; we ascend up the scale from the gross physical plane to the subtle spiritual plane. As we ascend, we gain consciousness of the more subtle aspects of our being, with the ultimate outcome being a complete identification with the light body, an experience of unification with the cosmos. As you look around you, you will see that many people are not even interested in these ideas. Others are open and paying attention more>>>...

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Mickledore Valley, Cumbria, UK

Saturday, 3 December 2016

'Your Life begins to change the day you take responsibility for it'

Blackbird Totem Animal

Like other dark animals, blackbirds as animal totems exude mystery and seriousness, keeping their secrets safe and eliciting marvel. They demand our devotion and commitment first before they even consider opening up to us. For us, this is a lesson to not give ourselves away too easily. We must protect ourselves to a certain degree.

The blackbird spirit guide does not make its presence known to the simple minded person. Rather, they only present themselves to those who they are sure can understand their teachings and apply them to their own lives. This bird does not provide you with any groundbreaking or revolutionary ideas and thoughts.

Instead, it comes to you when you have been doubting yourself and assures you that you have the answers to your own questions. All you have to do is look inside yourself, because what you seek is already brewing more>>>...

Giving A Loaded Gun To A Child

Knowledge is power they say, so misuse or misunderstanding of knowledge is a misuse of power. Spiritual and occult knowledge in inexperienced hands, or in the wrong hands, is like handing a loaded gun over to a child. The consequences can be devastating.

But that is what is happening out there in the 'psychic arena'. Ever since the public access to the arcane and occult wisdom, via the internet, there has been a literal explosion of fatal proportions. The inexperienced and the naive can now access information kept secret or 'occultic' for very good reasons.

The spiritual development arena is now awash with 'chaos magicians' ... foolish and delusional people who think they know the supernatural world after taking but a few steps into that world. Oh my god, the astral plane is awash with the corbyantic screams of these ignorant minds. The spiritual development arena is now becoming overrun by five minute wonders who claim, for example, that their understanding of the mystical and the paranormal is that of an ascended master because they developed that training in past lives. True! The arena is awash with crazy notions and even crazier souls.

It should never have been permitted to get to this. The use of occult knowledge should have been regulated in some way. It would have prevented this madness we are witnessing now. Every man and his dog are leaving behind their corporate jobs, picking up books on tarot cards, or attending training courses in order to become self professed experts by the end of the following week. And they have all become clones of themselves! The same agency is at work here ... their selfish separate ego (The S.S.E) ... that demands it has it all right away; that it is not prepared to train or work. The S.S.E won't permit these clones to listen to sense or reason. They are like the emperor with the imaginary clothes. Those who know, see them for what they really are ... whilst those who know no better see the emperor's clothes just like the psuedo-emperors say they would. They are the ignorant general public who know no better, who lets these charlatans feed them full of their crazy claims.

No it is crazy times. Their lack of knowledge and misuse of the little they do know ... makes for dangerous times  ... Matthew James

Arianrhod - Goddess of the Silver Wheel

Arianrhod (ah-ree-AHN-rhohd), Arian meaning 'silver', and Rhod meaning 'wheel' or 'disc'. Celtic Moon-Mother Goddess. Called the Silver Wheel that Descends into the Sea. Daughter of the Mother Goddess Don and her consort Beli. She is ruler of Caer Sidi, a magical realm in the north. She was worshiped as priestess of the moon. The benevolent silver sky-lady came down from her pale white chariot in the heavens to watch more closely over the tides she ruled. Her Festival is on 2nd December, she is also honoured at the Full Moon.

Arianrhod is said to be able to shape shift into a large Owl, and through the great Owl-eyes, sees even into the darkness of the human subconscious and soul. The Owl symbolizes death and renewal, wisdom, moon magic, and initiations. She is said to move with strength and purpose through the night, her wings of comfort and healing spread to give solace to those who seek her. more>>>...

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The Visionary Path

Waking Times: The way of nurturing and sustaining an ‘interior life’ has been present throughout human culture and society for all time. It is not something new; rather, our forgetting of its presence and importance is the new factor that has, relatively speaking, recently entered into human affairs.

Throughout the ages various wisdom teachings have operated within humanity with the aim and intention of permanently raising a person/group/community’s consciousness to a ‘finer’ – or altered – level of perception. Temporary glimpses of these ‘altered perceptions’ have fascinated humankind for millennia, stretching as far back as when our human ancestors were cave dwellers. This lineage of what we may call the visionary path has a long history: including shamanism; spiritual practices; religious ritual; and the inculcation of ecstatic states, etc, both in pre-modern as well as modern cultures. For as long as humanity has existed, it has been experiencing glimpses of other realms, and thereby attempting, through many and various means, to recapture these experiences. In some instances people have accidentally and temporarily glimpsed these states through such events as a near-death experience, tragedy, or similar ‘shock impacts.’

Similarly, there can be ‘almost random’ contact achieved with such altered states of consciousness within ordinary life. Often these contacts have been glimpsed – in a transitory way – by the use of artificial aids, such as by means of induced intoxication. Yet these glimpses are more or less temporary, though some people attempt to continue to recapture these experiences, perhaps incorrectly thinking/believing that it will lead to a permanent state. This activity, and this way of thinking, is often more destructive than good. What this frequently shows is a lack of information/knowledge on the part of the individual. This often reveals itself when a person attempts to induce such transitory experiences when they clearly lack the knowledge of how to correctly learn from and utilize its significance. Without a correct developmental function, such experiences are more likely to confuse and misdirect a person rather than induce developmental understanding in more>>>...

Friday, 2 December 2016

Noisy Miner Bird Totem

There was a group of Noisy Miner birds appearing in a bush at the end of my walk this evening; because this is a common occurrence with so many species of native birds for me, I always take note of what I'm thinking at the time and what I'm trying to manifest.

These totems provide me the symbology of being too quiet about my own opinions and insights; I'm focusing once more on my Mentoring and teachings, so it is quite apt this totem appears at this time. In some ways my self esteem and confidence levels could do with a boost; boosted by the power of four would be wonderful - there were four Noisy Miners. I'm also debating on new directions to look for different ideas and different expressions of wisdom.

Thus I will take this timely appearance of this totem on board and thank the great mother for sharing with me her living symbolism - Matthew James

Spirit Medicine for the Age of Chaos, Division and Decay

Waking Times: It’s simple to imagine, because it resonates so deeply with what we know to be true about humans: at our root, we are beings of love. What’s difficult, though, seemingly impossible at times, is to envision the transition from today’s world to this high vision.

What is the missing link? What is the secret? Must we overthrow something or someone? Is a revolution in order? Against whom, precisely? Or do we just start building amid the chaos, division and decay surrounding us? How do we get there from here?

It’s simple to imagine, because it resonates so deeply with what we know to be true about humans: at our root, we are beings of love. What’s difficult, though, seemingly impossible at times, is to envision the transition from today’s world to this high vision.

What is the missing link? What is the secret? Must we overthrow something or someone? Is a revolution in order? Against whom, precisely? Or do we just start building amid the chaos, division and decay surrounding us? How do we get there from here? more>>>...

Songs that inspired me #21

This was the song that 'got me into ' Judas Priest. I first heard it on The Friday Night Rock Show and had to buy the single. It was just one of those songs I played over and over again. It inspired me to buy the 'British Steel' album when it was released and it went on from there. The 'b' side of the single 'Delivering The Goods' became a favourite of mine too ... and 'Killing Machine' became my next album purchased ...

'Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen'

Avoiding The Centre

Daily OM: It's funny to imagine our lives as something we spend a lot of time avoiding, because it seems like that would be impossible to do. Our lives consist of everything we engage in, from showering to sleeping, but also a lot of busy work that distracts us and keeps us from looking at our lives. Experiencing our life from the inside means taking time each day to simply be alone and quiet in the presence of our soul. Many of us are so out of practice that it's almost unnerving to have a moment to ourselves. As a result, we may have stopped trying to carve out that time to take a seat at the center of our lives.

One of the reasons it can be uncomfortable to sit with ourselves is because when we do, we tend to open ourselves to an inner voice, which might question the way we're living or some of the choices we're making. Sometimes the voice reminds us of our secret, inner yearnings, dreams we thought we had more>>>...

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Olive-backed Oriole

Cerridwen: Keeper of the Cauldron

Cerridwen is a Celtic Welsh Goddess. Her name comes from “ceryd” which is Welsh for chiding love and “gwen” which is Welsh for white and blessed. 

She is the Mother and a Crone aspect of the Triple Goddess and is often represented as an old hag or witch and called Hag of Creation and the Old One. Cerridwen is a shape shifting Goddess able to shape shift from an old hag to a beautiful girl and various animals. She is a corn goddess and is symbolised often as a sow as well, an animal of abundance and fertility, as the Goddess of Sovereignty. This totem animal also represents the Underworld and the strength of the mother. Cerridwen is one of the faces of the dark Goddess and a goddess of dark prophetic powers.

Cerridwen’s cauldron is one of the many cauldrons of Celtic lore. The Cauldron in Celtic tradition was central to the religious mystery and represented the regeneration in the womb of the Goddess. Her cauldron was called Amen and was the Cauldron of Divine Knowledge, Wisdom, Rebirth, and Inspiration. It’s transforming magic happens through change, experience, and divine more>>>...

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Learner's Folly

Spiritual development is dangerous, but it is also the most incredible experience you can ever have. It is a two edged sword or a two sided coin because it deals with thought form energy; and the energy in question influences the way your think and ultimately the way you act. When it all goes wrong, there is only yourself to blame because it was you who ultimately chose to wander that path. The universe will never chastise you for the choice you make. This universe is after all a curious consciousness that is learning all about itself through all its multiple facets that are the living organisms within its boundaries.

So the right choice of spiritual development is essential as the first step to take. It boils down to the intention you have that sparks your desire to develop your spirit on earth. The right intention, which relates to knowing what your higher self requires for its avatar on earth, is so damn important. Spiritual development is not for party tricks or to impress your friends or family. It is not a toy that can be discarded once you start. It is a way of life and a pathway that has major impacts on your life on this planet.

If you are placed in the wrong hands during the early stages ... when you are the earth sparrow or are wearing the learner plates ... that choice of spiritual teacher can ruin your life, your psyche and your awareness. It can be very damaging for all those around you besides yourself. The folly of jumping in with both feet, too early without prior knowledge of what you are getting yourself in to is more than often a fatal mistake. Naivety and lack of appreciation of the dangers involved with the occult and the supernatural are common place. The fall out from this initial wrong choice of spiritual teacher will ruin your life. Not immediately because in the honeymoon period your ego will create wonderful visionary mirages that conceal what is really happening to you. But once that honeymoon period wears off and your life path is awash with pain, sorrow and disappointment you will be left questioning why this has happened?

Just remember no experience is the wrong experience providing you learn from your experiences and grow through them. Spiritual development has a knack of eventually sensing the right experiences to you for your soul growth. But it also has a habit of teaching you vital lessons often with bitter consequences to overcome - Matthew James

Thoughts to get you Thinking #78

Just because one has the physical appearance of a human being does not mean one is human. In order to be entitled to call oneself Human, one must possess the qualities of Understanding, Love and Compassion. Also, Peace must be an essential part of one's nature. If one does not possess these qualities, one is really a machine and not human at all.

"At the heart of personality is the need to feel a sense of being lovable without having to qualify for that acceptance."-- Dr. Paul Tournier

How do you see yourself as unlovable?
Take a few minutes to write down why you perceive yourself to be unlovable. Look at the list and see if you can identify where those characterizations originated. Can you pinpoint old messages from parents, teachers, and friends that led you to negative conclusions about yourself? Are those messages valid today?

The beliefs we adopt as children usually don't hold when we view them objectively as adults. Can you let them go? Can you begin to see yourself as a unique expression of life, a genuine gift to the world?

"You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection."--

"Limitless like the ocean are your excellent qualities."
-- Dalai Lama

Scientists have found an Alien code in our DNA: Ancient Engineers

According to mainstream scientists: Alien code found in our DNA. Extraterrestrial beings created our species.

Researchers who worked for 13 years in the Human Genome Project indicate that they came across an amazing scientific discovery: They believe that the so-called 97% of non-coding sequences in the human DNA is nothing less than the genetic code of extraterrestrial life forms. Originally referred to as “Junk DNA” its functioned remained a mystery for researchers. Now researchers believe that our DNA is extraterrestrial in origin.

After extensive analysis with the help of other researchers in diverse fields such as mathematics, chemistry and programming, Maxim A. Makukov of the Fesenkov Astrophysical Institute have ventured out and asked if there is a possibility that, what we call “junk DNA” is actually some sort of extraterrestrial code, created by an “Alien” programmer.

According to researchers from Kazakhstan, “Our hypothesis is that a more advanced extraterrestrial civilization was engaged in creating new life and planting it on various planets. Earth is just one of them.”

The researchers indicate that “What we see in our DNA is a program consisting of two versions, a giant structured code and a simple or basic code.”

The team of researchers believe for a fact that the first part of our DNA code was not written on Earth and according to them it is verifiable. Secondly and most importantly, genes alone are not enough to explain the evolution/abrupt evolution process and there must be something more in ‘the game’ more>>>...

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