Thursday, 20 October 2016

"Strength lies in differences, not in similarities'

Thoughts to get you Thinking #57

"There is no end. There is no beginning. There is only the infinite passion of life."-- Frederico Fellini

In what situations have you experienced your life to the fullest? Do you live your passion as fully as you can? How do you limit your experience of passion? Passion emerges when your essence expresses itself. How do you stop yourself from fully expressing who you are?

"Without passion man is a mere latent force and possibility, like the flint which awaits the shock of the iron before it can give forth its spark."-- Henri Frederic Amiel

"We could hardly wait to get up in the morning."-- Wilbur Wright

Hidden Agenda

Why do we have to look outside of ourselves for guidance? Why do we have to seek external sources for wisdom and inspiration? Why deal with entities that have never had human experiences, so can't possibly know about the pathways through mortal life?

Why entrust your spiritual nature to beings that are masters at mind control and mental deception? It is not proven they really exist. They are a myth and a fable. But so many people have been captivated by the glamour and the romance of these legendary beings. Foolhardy souls place their entire life plan and life choices on unproven connections with these dangerous 'allies'. That is blind folly. That is a precarious game plan.

We have all the answers we seek within ourselves. Within the memories of our collective species. It is our spiritual reliance on unknown and invisible forces that has put us in the mess we are in. We need to simply our existence, not complicate it. There are major forces out there beyond our limited perceptions that can walk rings around us. That could make us believe anything. They will know we are naive and gullible. We are doubting of our own nature and our own judgements. Thus anything that is remotely divine or supernatural that connects with us, as an apparent ally ... will be accepted with open arms. What is the hidden agenda? Why is this non-human agency wanting to help so readily? What are the consequences when the true intentions are revealed? I fear for the sanity of those who so readily buy the bullshit that is filling their heads when they make these supposed supernatural contracts with an unknown being. They will after all never let you see them as they really are, only how you wish them to appear - Matthew James

Maintaining The Flow

Daily Om: The essence of all being is energy. Our physical and ethereal selves depend on the unrestricted flow of life energy that is the source of wholeness and wellness. Though the channels through which this energy flows are open systems and influenced by factors outside of our control, we ultimately choose what impact these will have in our lives. It is up to us to identify and clear blockages in the energy field to ensure that flow is maintained. A healthy, grounded individual absorbs some portion of the energy emitted by other people and the environment, but this does not interrupt the continuous stream of balanced energy sustaining them. The same individual copes constructively with stress and upset, and they are not subject to the stagnation that frequently goes hand in hand with negativity. When we keep the energy in and around our bodies flowing harmoniously, we are naturally healthy, vibrant, and peaceful.

Life energy flows through us like a swift stream when there is nothing to obstruct it, but various forces such as trauma, downbeat vibrations, and disappointments act like stones that impede the current. If we allow these to pile up, our life energy is thrown off its course or blocked entirely, causing illness, restlessness, and a lack of vigor. If, however, we take the time to clear these forces away, we rob them of the power to impact our more>>>...

Image of the Day

LITTLE RAVEN copyright Matthew James

Defining 'the metaphysical plane' and 'the astral plane'

PTV Australia Option 4 Pin #465

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Songs That Inspired Me #7

I remember listening to the "Friday Night Rock" Show on BBC Radio 1, it would have been in the early 1980's. Tommy Vance introduced a new track by German Rockers, The Scorpions, a rock band I'd not heard of prior to that particular evening's radio show.

The track was "Make It Real".

I would always record a selection of songs on tape from each episode of the Friday Night Rock Show. "Make It Real"became a firm favourite track of mine ever since that first hearing. It inspired me to 'get into' the Scorpions and Animal Magnetism was the first album I ever purchased by The Scorpions. Here we are over 30 years later, I have every Scorpions album and I have seen The Scorpions live in concert, and I still enjoy listening to Make It Real and all the other incredible tracks to this day.

It was "Make It Real" that introduced me to this mighty rock band.  

Clinton’s FBI Files Literally Mention “The Shadow Government” at the State Dept. Wow.

Bill Clinton once reportedly told senior White House reporter Sarah McClendon, “Sarah, there’s a government inside the government, and I don’t control it.” Average citizens who talk about things like that, however, are typically referred to as “Conspiracy Theorists” as if its a pejorative term.

Then again, how much of a conspiracy is it when the FBI’s own documents confirm the existence of something referred to as “The Shadow Government”? more>>>..

Image of the Day

Are You Feeling An Emotional Low?

If you are faced with an untimely low ebb of emotions at this time; having hit the bottom of the casket of vitality. Know you are likely to not be on your own. It is not a cataclysmic set of events that you can claim to be yours, and yours alone. There are many, many others experiencing this tide of depressing thoughts at this time. And depressing is the perfect word to describe this state of mind. 

Having been on a 90% a few months ago, it is sad to feel this all time record 10% low. The question you would have been asking yourself was 'how'? And 'why'? And no doubt 'why me'? Being in a separated universe to everyone else, like all the human race, you would have thought this feeling was being felt by you and you alone. Let me into a little secret I've been feeling it too and many other people I've been interacting with in recent weeks. Life appears to have come to a distinct standstill for so many at this time. It is inexplicable and distinctly unexplainable. It appears to be something in the air, or in the water, or in the food. It is a mind set that so many have slipped into, but a mind set so few can get out of. 

But what is it? Is it valid evidence of a conspiracy theory? Are THEY dumbing us down and suppressing us with these deadly emotions? Some of us will be feeling suicidal with this emotional low right now. Many of us can't shake off this depressing feeling of doom and gloom. It has been caused by something significant for so many people to suddenly thinking in the same negative way. It is not something to be dismissed lightly. The consequences and future effects are what need to be considered. Are they going to continue? Will they ever end? Is this the way we are going to feel from now? Is it going to get only worse? Will we ever get to feel 90% again? Can we climb back up to those wonderfully energetic levels? Or is that effervescent experience now gone forever?

Its like this is a different world to how it was 12-15 months ago. So much appears to have been lost. It has crept up on us when we weren't looking and struck us down. Gradually lowering our resistance to depression. Bringing these shit feelings onto us like it is how we are supposed to feel. Understand what I mean? 

It sounds crazy but it is like we are being forced into a long dark night of the soul enmasse. Like it is now programmed into our DNA. It seems to be those who are sensitive and empathetic who are feeling it the most. Like an enchantment that has taken over our thought processes. An enchantment that sadly has control of our lives at the moment - Matthew James 

Urambi Hills Panorama #4

URAMBI HILLS, ACT, AUSTRALIA copyright Matthew James

Afraid of the Truth

Daily Om: Most of us have had the experience of being in possession of a piece of truth that we were afraid to share because we knew it would not be well received. There are also instances in which we ourselves have been unable to handle some truth confronting us. This might be a small truth, such as not wanting to see that our car needs repairs because we don’t want to pay for them, or a large truth, such as not fully accepting that someone close to us is pushing us away. Usually the truth is evident, and we can see it if we choose, but we have elaborate ways of hiding the truth from ourselves, no matter how apparent it is.

For the most part, we avoid the truth because it scares us, or makes us angry, or makes us feel like we don’t know what to do. We often create our lives based on a particular understanding, and if that understanding turns out to be fully or even partially incorrect, we may feel that our whole sense of reality is being threatened. It takes a strong person to face the truth in circumstances like these, and many of us run for cover more>>>...

The Reality of Shape-shifting

First of all, no matter what you do you are not going to physically turn into an animal, so just drop that idea right now. 

But, Shape-shifting is a reality though. It is done through creative visualisation so that you may carry the power and abilities of an animal with you when you need it. Drawing the courage of a lion in the face of adversity is an example where you can draw on the power of an animal spirit in such a way.

Shape-shifting is also a way of getting to know an animal better (the old walk a mile in their shoes bit or perhaps in this case it should be paws....) Finally shape-shifting allows you to take on animal form while on shamanic journeys or while you visit the astral plane.

To learn to shape-shift you should be in a place where you can meditate, but where there is enough room to move around. You should be dressed comfortably (or undressed comfortably, if that is your preference) so that you may move freely. Relax, close your eyes, call and greet the animal spirit you wish to shape-shift to. Let yourself become that animal in posture, stance, movement and sound. How does this animal see, hear, taste, touch, smell? What is it experiencing? Move as it would move. Become it with all the abandon of a small child. Experience it as long as you wish. When you choose thank the animal spirit that has helped guide you in learning its ways and then return to your human more>>>...

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Remember, You Are Powerful

What a crazy world we live in ... this has been said so many times before, and will no doubt be said again, and again, and again. With so many different viewpoints, differing opinions and perceptions how can any of us make any headway? Why is it so easy to rule mankind by way of this crazy and chaotic state of confusion which the world is in? 

It is because we allow it to be this way.

We all forget that we all live in a unique version of the material world. We have all been separated from each other. We may interact with each other, but it is from afar. It is in a distorted and delusional way. Our unique aspects of universal consciousness are never permitted to merge and embrace each other. When we do embrace it is courtesy of a limited five sensory experience that the human skin around our divine spark permits us to have. It is extremely rare for any of us to truly experience the merging of consciousness with consciousness.

This crazy world is most definitely a prison of controlled limited experiences. We are controlled by a energy force that is extremely scared of us and has to keep us all separated from each other in order to keep us under its enslavement. It has to poison the human skins, and constantly watch us 24/7 to see what we are up to. It is very insecure. It has devised religion and politics and money and laws to control us. It has created fears and insecurities to limit our perceptions. 

It can barely contain us. It is therefore not that powerful. We make it powerful by thinking it is powerful. We give it power by thinking ourselves inferior and helpless. It feeds this feeling of helplessness by feeding us lies about our origins and our capabilities. We can turn this on its head by changing the way we view ourselves. Each one of us may be a separate version of the world, but in each one of us everyone else exists. We are in a holographic reality in which only ONE entity exists. We are all that one entity. We are its multiple personalities all interacting with each other. Each personality thinks it is unique and separate from all the others. That is what an entity has us believe. But that entity has been deceiving us. It is time to connect with all the other parts within ourselves to make our way back to the one. Once back as the one this nightmare must come to an end.

This other one ... this predatory entity that feeds off our fear and deceives us about our true nature has one powerful weapon in its arsenal and that is the false ego - the selfish separate self. The false ego is groomed from an early age and we are fooled by the surroundings into thinking this is who we are. It is not who we are. It is the false identity given to us within this virtual world. This memory world. It is not who we are. It is a fake. It is a sham. 

It is time to forget all that you are told to be, and to remember who are meant to be. By remembering your true self ... you become powerful. You become a threat to the predatory entity ... it is afraid of you remembering who and what you really are.

Our drinking water contains massive doses of prescription drugs

Natural News: If you drink tap water, there's a good chance you're taking in all sorts of pharmaceutical drugs at the same time. Massive doses of prescription drugs pass through people's bodies and into the sewage system. These chemicals are very stable and make their way back into the water supply, unchanged. If you don't use appropriate, lab-validated water filters, you could be drinking a bizarre cocktail of drugs on a daily basis. Without even knowing it, you could be taking birth control, statins, SSRIs, psychotics, or any other popular chemical that is now pervasive in the water supply. These second hand medications could be interfering with your hormones, weight modulation, sleep patterns, temperament, cognitive function, ability to handle stress, more>>>...

Microwaves, Wi-Fi, and other EMF signals linked to headaches, fatigue, depression, anxiety, and more

Natural News: The plethora of "smart" devices on the market today is making life more convenient and communications more streamlined. But some of the latest research hitting the science journals suggests that these everyday consumer products -- everything from ordinary microwave ovens and smartphones to advanced Wi-Fi routers and radioactive "smart" meters -- are systematically destroying human health.

Migraine headaches, chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, and among the many common maladies that are being increasingly linked to these technologies, which bombard the body with radioactive frequencies recognized for upsetting the body's biological rhythm. Some studies show that electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) can depolarize the membranes that protect nerve and muscle tissue, damaging cells and facilitating the extended life-cycle of oxidizing free more>>>...

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Image of the Day

EASTERN ROSELLA copyright Matthew James

Showing Up For Life

Daily Om: The way we walk into a room says a lot about the way we live our lives. When we walk into a room curious about what’s happening, willing to engage, and perceiving ourselves as an active participant with something to offer, then we have really shown up to the party. When we walk into a room with our eyes down, or nervously smiling, we are holding ourselves back for one reason or another. We may be hurting inside and in need of healing, or we may lack the confidence required to really be present in the room. Still, just noticing that we’re not really showing up, and having a vision of what it will look and feel like when we do, can give us the inspiration we need to recover ourselves.

Even if we are suffering, we can show up to that experience ready to fully engage in it and learn what it has to offer. When we show up for our life, we are actively participating in being a happy person, achieving our goals, and generally living the life our soul really wants. If we need healing, we begin the process of seeking out those who can help us heal. If we need experience, we find the places and opportunities that can give us the experience we need in order to do the work we want to do in the more>>>...

Black Swan Medicine

[Wildspeak]: While some animals will emphasis the ability to love more than one partner at once (like Fairy Wren), the black swan places an emphasis on the healing capacity of monogamy and equality within a partnership between two people. Like swans, we live in a world where monogamy is accepted, but swan encourages us to take it one step further and look at why and how it helps us as a way of life and living.

Black swan, like all swans, teaches us how to protect our loved ones. Everyone has instincts within them to love and protect who they love, even if we all have different ways of showing it. The ability to protect those we care for is a gift and an ability, black swan emphasises it.

Sometimes people challenge us, sometimes they annoy us, but sometimes they are just a source of enjoyment and companionship. Black swan helps us to just relax and enjoy the company of those we consider friends, or partner, or family. It's not always about pushing yourself further, or progress, sometimes it's about stopping for a while to savour some happiness and tenderness. If you have ever seen a swan preen another swan, you will know how easily these birds have access to tenderness and care. Black swan helps us to learn how to be close to others, and how to enjoy the more>>>...

Songs That Inspired Me #6

Mutually Assured Destruction -  (MAD) is a doctrine of military strategy and national security policy in which a full-scale use of nuclear weapons by two or more opposing sides would cause the complete annihilation of both the attacker and the defender 

A song that sadly has so much relevance now, as much perhaps as when it was released as a single in 1981. This song has always been a favourite of mine for the big, big voice of Ian Gillan. I remember the fear and wonder the content of this song generated as I went through my teenage years. It remains to this day a favourite song, a Gillan classic.

Great Pyramid Find: Two Mysterious Cavities With Unusual Features

The Great Pyramid at Giza, Egypt, has long been rumoured to contain hidden passageways leading to secret chambers. Now a team of researchers has confirmed the 4,500-year-old pharaonic mausoleum contains two unknown cavities, possibly hiding a corridor-like structure and more mysterious features.

The announcement by the ScanPyramids project comes at the end of a year-long effort to use various scanning technology on Old Kingdom pyramids, including the Great Pyramid, Khafre or Chephren at Giza, the Bent pyramid and the Red pyramid at Dahshur.

Carried out by a team from Cairo University's Faculty of Engineering and the Paris-based non-profit organization Heritage, Innovation and Preservation (HIP Institute) under the authority of the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities, the ScanPyramids project used three innovative techniques — muography, thermography and 3-D simulation — to deeply investigate the Great Pyramid of Giza.

An unknown cavity was detected at a height of about 345 feet from the ground on the northeastern edge of the monument, while a "void" was found behind the northern side at the upper part of the entrance gate.

"Such void is shaped like a corridor and could go up inside the pyramid," Mehdi Tayoubi, founder of the Paris-based Heritage Innovation Preservation Institute, told more>>>...

He added that no link can be made between the two cavities at the moment.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Soul Numerology by MJ

Matty James on PTV Australia

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Songs That Inspired Me #5

Kingdom Come are a group I got to hear about when I bought a compilation tape which contained 'Get It On' ... I instantly liked the song despite there being a resemblance to Led Zeppelin. It mattered not, it was my style of music and I wanted to hear more. This began a search which led me to the purchase of their first album 'Kingdom Come' which is an incredible album for a debut album. The opening track 'Living Out Of Touch' remains, to this day, one of my top 10 favourite songs of all time.

Thoughts to get you Thinking #56

"If you play it safe in life you've decided that you don't want to grow any more."-- Shirley Hufstedler

We unconsciously use defence mechanisms to shield us from situations we perceive to be scary or painful. A part of you may want to grow and change, but another part may be resisting because change always moves you into new territory in your thinking and emotions.

If you find you are getting anxious, fearful, angry, frustrated, dismissive or unmotivated, then defence mechanisms are at work. Watch for them and know them to be signs of fear that wants to hold you back. Then courageously move through them.

"I have never been contained except I made the prison."-- Mary Evans

"Woe to the man whose heart has not learned while young to hope, to love ... and to put its trust in life." -- Joseph Conrad

Always trust that you know what's best for you. To move forward in your life, gather information from the "experts," consider how their advice relates to your situation and then act only on what feels right for you. You are the only expert for your own life.

"I trust so much in the power of the heart and the soul; I know that the answer to what we need to do next is in our own hearts. All we have to do is listen, then take that one step further and trust what we hear. We will be taught what we need to learn."-- Melody Beattie

The Game of Snakes and Ladders

The time for making drastic decisions is not now. It is not the time to effect any change that will disrupt the current time line. It is as it is, and it is as it is meant to be. Everything is finely balanced. Everything is different this time, you can tell this by the frustrations you have about everything. All the over analysing of thoughts and actions from the past, is really worth it. 

Very much part of the process.  As a walker between the worlds you've travelled through time back into the past, adjusting things, to make the future what it is to be. By changing thoughts, perceptions, you've affected that which is being approached. It is difficult to know, as a human being trapped in five sensory reality, whether what you've woven as a Norn-descendant is indeed the correct trail. 

Fear not, you've been guided by higher powers who've sensed you remaking the jigsaw using the pieces in a different way. Your actions, at times have not been your own. You've been an ambassador to the other worlds. Again with feet in both worlds, wandering through the aethers. Through the webs of time. For they say, in your world, that time is one of the dimensions. It may well be. But where you venture to is beyond time. It is beyond the mirror, and it is a realm where you are able to clearly look within. You can clearly see the time lines that have been played, you can clearly splice and cut those lines, and change that which you've walked. Not just affecting yourself, but everyone, for huge ripples are sent through all the actors in the Akashic Record game. Thus it is a mighty undertaking. One you cannot do alone. Know there are many others who've done the same. And continue to do the same. 

It is time to sit back and observe. Do not react to the stimuli around you. Observe this stage of the time line. It is lupendo and the long dark night for a reason. You will survive; you have survived - you've seen that. There is success and  merely observing it shall not be undermined. Merely watch and wait. See how others fall and others rise. Watch the snakes and the ladders; watch others throw their weighted dices. Know it is as it is all meant to be.

Translating Our Feelings

Expressions Sigil copyright Matthew James
Daily Om: When new challenges and opportunities show up in our lives, we may diagnose ourselves as feeling scared when what we really feel is excited. Often we have not been taught how to welcome the thrill of a new opportunity, and so we opt to back off, indulging our anxiety instead of awakening our courage. One way to inspire ourselves to embrace the opportunities that come our way is to look more deeply into our feelings and see that butterflies in our stomach or a rapidly beating heart are not necessarily a sign that we are afraid. Those very same feelings can be translated as excitement, curiosity, passion, and even love.

There is nothing wrong with being afraid as long as we do not let it stop us from doing the things that excite us. Most of us assume that brave people are fearless, but the truth is that they are simply more comfortable with fear because they face it on a regular basis. The more we do this, the more we feel excitement in the face of challenges rather than anxiety. The more we cultivate our ability to move forward instead of backing off, the more we trust ourselves to be able to handle the new opportunity, whether it’s a new job, an exciting move, or a more>>>...